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Government Unit

What is the definition of a criminal case? a case where the government seeks to punish an individual for an act that has been classified as a crime by Congress or a state legislature
What is the definition of a civil case? a case where there is dispute over the rights and duties that individuals and organizations legally owe to each other
What are the examples of juvenile justice? no rights to trial by jury, housing based on age, parent or guardian must be present during questioning
What are the examples of adult justice? right to trial by jury. housing based on offense, lawyer can be present during questioning
What is the reason for all laws? protect individual rights and promote the common good
Within the Kansas Constitution, what does “equal rights” mean? all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Within the Kansas Constitution, what does the “right to assemble” mean? the right to meet as a group to discuss a subject
Within the Kansas Constitution, what does the “right to trial by jury” mean? the right to a trial decided by a group of peers
Within the Kansas Constitution, what does the “right of free speech” mean? the right to express ideas
On the state level, who makes up the executive branch? Governor
On the state level, who makes up the legislative branch? Senate and House
On the state level, who makes up the judicial branch? Supreme Court
What are the federal government's powers/responsibilities? printing money, determining immigration law, regulate interstate and international commerce, formation of armies
What are the state government's powers/responsibilities? establishment of counties, provide funding for local governments, conduct elections, school funding
What are the powers/responsibilities shared by both the state and federal government? enforce tax code, create laws, enforce laws, create and maintain court system
What is the “separation of powers” within state and national government? state and national governments separate law writing, law enforcing, and law interpretation
What are “checks and balances” within state and national government? a system where the branches of the government are regulated by the other branches of the government through a system of procedures
How can a citizen create a bill to be considered within state government? devise a law and petition the government
How can a legislator create a bill to be considered within state government? propose the bill during a legislative meeting
How can interest groups create a bill to be considered within state government? encourage legislative members to vote in line with opinion
What is considered when incorporating a city? establishing boundaries, creating a city government, creating a public works department, and levying taxes
What are the different types of local government county, township, city
What are the goods or services that are provided by the local government? electricity, hospitals, parks, residential streets, trash pickup, fire department, police, community upkeep
What are the roles within local government? mayor, city council, city commissioner
What are the roles within state government? governor, supreme court, senate, house
What is the role of school boards? to assist, establish, and enforce educational policy within school districts
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