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Chapter 8 People

All People in Chapter 8

The Colonial Commander at Charlestown Benjamin Lincoln
He favored Arming Slaves to allow them to fight in the colonial army John Mathews
The British Commander who surrendered at Yorktown Lord Cornwallis
S.C. delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress who asked that the proposal for Independence be tabled until the state legislative voted on the issue Edward Rutledge
British commander who slantered a redgiment of virginians at waxsaws Banastre Tareton
The leader of a delegate from the Provincial Congress to persuade patriots to the up country William Henry Drayton
He led American colonist against canadians in American Revolution Richard Montgomery
Called the gamecock. He herased british trooops. Thomas Sumter
British Commander at Concord Thomas Gage
He led a force to the up country to sudo by a list in a snow compaign Richard Richardson
He herased British forces through North Carolina using Gorilla tactics Nathaniel Greene
Commander of the Continential Army George Washington
He raded British Troops and escaped into swaps Francis Marion
American Commander who defeated the British at Cowpens Daniel Morgan
A up country patriot who tried to get his neighbors to join the patriot side Joseph Kershaw
The Virginian who offered a motion for Colonial Independence at the 2nd Continential Congress Richard Henry Lee
British leader who was killed at the battle of Kings mountain Patne Ferguson
The colonial leader at the Battle of Saratoga Horatio Gates
He is commander of SC's molitia William Moultre
He led British forces against Charlestown in Sulivans Island Henry Clinton
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