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266 test 3 ch 29

history 266

conservative austrian diplomat who sought a balance of power between the nations of europe klemens von metternich
radical jacobin leader associated with the worst excesses of the french revolution maximilien robespierre
political theorist of the 17 century who inspired the revolutions of the 18th century john locke
leader who when he plotted with austria to invade france, destroyed the possibility of a constitutional monarchy and invited his own execution louis xvi
english feminist who argued that the ideals of the enlightenment natural rights, consent of the governed- should also be applied to women mary wollstonecraft
revolutionary who armed with an education, organizational skills, and a determined army, liberated his island colony from french rule toussaint louverture
considered the george washington of latin america simon bolivar
leader who, although regarded as one of the greatest military leaders of any age, commited the fatal mistake of overconfidence napolean bonaparte
french feminist who insisted that women should become full citizens of revolutionary france, an idea for which she was eventually executed olympe de gouges
prime minister of prussia and architect of germany unification otto von bismarck
spokesman for british conservatism who accepted change that was gradual and consistent with tradition edmund burke
spokesman for british lieralism who argued for complete freedom of speech and freedom of religion john stuart mill
the ideas of the enlightenment challenged the long term assumptions about sovereignty and instead proposed that governments are bound to the will of the people
which of the following could be considered an expression of enlightened ideas about government the declaration of independence
the american colonists won their bid for independence primarily because the french and the dutch decided to support them against the british
embedded in the american constitution is the principle of popular sovereignty
which of the following was not one of the causes of the french revolution of 1789 accusation of treason against louis XVI
which of the following was not one of the provisions of the new french constitution of 1791 all adult males were given the right to vote in national elections
under the rule of the convention, french women gained important property rights and the right to a divorce
napoleon bonaparte rose to power as a military hero
in general napoleon championed equality under the law but not political freedom
which of the following is not a correct explanation of why the haitian revolution succeeded the revolutionaries had the support of british and spanish forces
in leading the revolutions of south america, simon bolivar advocated popular sovereignty
revolutions in latin america were frequently a power struggle between what two groups peninsulares and crioles
which latin american state gained independence as a monarchy brazil
a political conservative in the 19th century would be likely to advocate A. restoration of the French monarchy after the defeat of Napoleon. B)limiting suffrage to men of property. C)censorship as a reasonable means of preventing social unrest. D)government support of the established church. *E)All of the answers are corre
the first european power to abolish the slave trade was britain
the last country to abolish slavery was brazil
the american womens rights movement began concurrent with the antislavery movement
which of the following would not be an example of cultural nationalism A)the study of language. B)the study of history. C)collecting folk songs and fairy tales. D)anti-Semitism. *E)All of the answers are correct.
theodor herzl's zionism was the direct result of his shock at the army's persecution of Alfred Dreyfus.
The German people united behind King Wilhelm because the wars engineered by Bismarck generated strong nationalist sentiment.
sovereignty political supremacy and the authority to rule
voltaire philosophe, called for religious toleration and freedom to express their views openly
jean jacques rousseau wrote the social contract, and argued that members of a society were collectively the sovereign
william wilberforce prominent english philanthropist in parliament. he tirelessly attacked slavery on moral and religious grounds. parliament passed his bill to end the slave trade
end of slave trade the U.S. in 1808 France in 1814 the Netherlands in 1817 Spain in 1845
slavery abolished britain 1833 france 1848 the U.S. 1865 Cuba 1886 Brazil 1888
giuseppe mazzini italian nationalist activist who formed a group called young italy that promoted independence from austrian and spanish rule and the establishment of an italian national state
zionism a political movement that holds that the jewish people constitute a nation and have the right to their own national homeland.
theodor herzl organized the first zionist congress in switzerland, which founded the world zionist organization
congress of vienna the 'great powers' -Britain, austria, prussia, and russia attempted to restore the prerevolutionary order.
cavour and garibaldi camillo di cavour- itailian prime minister, unified italy. allied w/france and expelled austrian authority garibaldi- led the unification movement
popular sovereignty the notion that legitimate political authority resides not in kings, but in the people who make up a society
aristocratic governments privileged elites supervised public affairs
sovereignty political supremacy and the authority to rule
Rousseau wrote the social contract, and argued that members of a society were collectively the sovereign
peace of paris british government formally recognized american independence
estates general assembly that represented the entire french population through groups
breakdown of the estates general 1st: 100,000 roman catholic clergy 2nd: 400,000 nobles 3rd: the rest; 24 million
voting in the estates general 1 vote per estate
national assembly the 3rd estate seceded from the estates general
the goal of the national assembly lierty, equality, and fraternity
the convention legislative body abolished to monarchy and proclaimed france a republic
levee en mass drafted people and resources for use in the war
main beneficiaries of independence in latin america the creole elites
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