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Servidio SS Chap 3/4

Servidio Review for Chapter 3 and 4 MC/CR Test

Toleration The willingness to let others practice their own religion
Sabbath A religious holy day of rest for the Puritans
Town meetings A time in which the colonists can discuss and vote on matters
Cash crop Crops sold for a profit
Backcountry An area of land west of the Appalachian Mountains
Debtor A person who owes money and lives in Georgia
Buffer An area of land between two different countries to prevent conflict
Plantation A large estate where slaves work to produce cash crops
Slave codes Rules that slaves must follow, like no reading and writing
Slaves are treated like Property
Racism A belief that one race is superior to another
Breadbasket Colonies Middle Colonies
John Winthrop Leader of the Puritans
Thomas Hooker Leader of Connecticut
Roger Williams Leader of Rhode Island
William Penn Leader of Pennsylvania
Quakers A group of people who live in Pennsylvania
Lord Baltimore The leader of Maryland
James Oglethorpe The leader of Georgia
Reason Georgia was founded Debtors and Buffer
New England Colonies Maine (part of Mass) Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut
Middle Colonies Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
Southern Colonies Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina
Name the three regions of the 13 Original Colonies New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
Who controlled Florida? Spain
Who controlled the land west of the English colonies? France
The Quakers lived in which colony? Pennsylvania
Why were the Quakers despised? They did not believe in war
Who were the Puritans? Lived in Massachusetts with a very strict lifestyle
What was the Puritan’s government like? Only Puritan men could vote
What was Connecticut’s government like? White men who owned property not based on religion
Anne Hutchinson Left Massachusetts because it was too strict with religion moved to Rhode Island
Why was Rhode Island created? Established for religious toleration
Which region had whaling, shipbuilding and maple syrup? New England
Which region had tobacco, rice and indigo? Southern
Which region had manufacturing and craft workers? Middle
Which region had plantations? Southern
Which region had pork, beef and butter? Middle
Which region had debtors and a buffer? Southern
Which region had one foot oysters and six foot lobsters? New England
Which region had slaves? Southern
Where were the 13 colonies located? Along the eastern part of the present day United States
Which ocean is the 13 colonies located near? Atlantic Ocean
Who controlled or owned the 13 colonies? England/British
Another name for England is Britain
Name the language the 13 colonists speak? English
Where were the mills located? Near water for a power source
Stocks Used for punishment during colonial times
Pillory Used for punishment during colonial times
Quoits A game that colonists played similar to horse shoes
House of Burgesses A body of government where they made laws and rules for the colonists
Magna Carta A document that limited the rights of the King of England
Mayflower Compact A document that set up the laws and principles of government for the Pilgrims
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut The first written constitution in the colonies
Colony An area of land that is ruled by a different country
Charter Colony Colonists elected own governors in their colony
Proprietary Colony Colonies that were ruled by proprietors which the Kings appoints
Royal Colony Colonies that are ruled directly by the British King
Specialization To concentrate on one’s efforts on a specific task
Voting Rights In the colonies only white men who owned property could vote
Peter Zenger case Created the idea of the freedom of the press
Created by: Suzanne Servidio
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