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13 Colonies 8th

Which southern colony was settled first? Jamestown
For what reason was Maryland founded? Catholics
Who began the policy, "Don't work, don't eat." John Smith
Which colony was founded for debtors? Georgia
What two products did South Carolina depend on? rice and indigo
In what year was Jamestown founded? 1607
Which colony had more Africans that white men? South Carolina
What crop did Virginia rely on for profit? tobacco
List all of the southern colonies? virginia, georgia, maryland, south carolina, north carolina
Who was Maryland named after? Queen Henrietta Maria
Who founded Georgia? James Orgelthorpe
What piece of legislation in Maryland is a precursor to freedom of religion? Act of Tolerance
Who led Bacon's Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon
What was the first representative government in America House of Burgesses
Which colony was home to poor tobacco farmers and produced supplies for building ships? North Carolina
What man stepped up and saved Jamestown due to his leadership skills? John Smith
What Native American helped to bring peace to Jamestown and the Powhatans? Pocahontus
what river was Jamestown located on? James River
When was the starving time in Jamestown? winter of 1609-1610
What colonies are considered Middle Colonies Deleware, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey
who originally took new york from the native americans? the Dutch
What was new york originally called? New Netherland
What were owners of large tracts of land in new netherland patroons
New netherland allowed people from all religions
who swore to defend new amsterdam Stuyvesant
Did the british fight when they overtook new netherland no
King charles gave new netherland to duke of york
Where did new york get its name? Duke of york
Why did the duke of york split new jersey and new york? too big
What two men had control of new jersey? lord berkley and sir george cartaret
what colony does the king give land to one or more poeple? proprietary
What attracted people to new jersey? fertile land, resources, people of diversity
in 1702 new jersey became a - colony royal
Who founded pennsylvania? william penn
what did quakers believe? all people were equal, against war
Why did penn want a charter? wanted a refuge for quakers
penn allowed - freedom in his colony religious
Settlers paid - - for land in Pennsylvania Native americans
German speaking protestants were called pennsylvania dutch
The capital of Pennsylvania was called philadelphia
Philadelphia means brotherly love
what broke away from pennsylvania to form a new colony deleware
in 1701, penn allowed the lower counties of pennsylvania to elect their own assembly
the majority of the people in the middle colonies made their living by farming
crops sold for money at market are called cash crops
the middle colonies were called the bread basket
who live in the middle colonies artisans
instead of towns, the middle colonies lived in counties
Who introduced log cabins swedish
who introduced red brick houses dutch
what were the back country where the german and scoth irish people lived
Where was the back country located appalachian mountains
who were the first to settle in mass? pilgrims
where did the pilgrims settle plymouth village
what was the reason for settling mass? Religious freedom
who led the migration to mass in the 1630's puritans
what did the mass bay company want colony built on bible
what other reason did people go to mass economy
Who was the first governor of mass john winthrope
who could vote in mass male church members
what was the general court people elected by male church members
how many people migrated to mass from england during the great migration 15000
who founded conn thomas hooker
why did hooker leave mass said government had too much power, they kicked him out
the government in mass and conn were similar except for the fundamental orders of conn
Conn became a seperate colony in 1662
who settled rhode island roger williams
why was roger williams kicked out of mass he said the church and state should be seperate
what is a willingness to let others practice their own beliefs religious tolerance
where did williams go when he was kicked out narragansett bay
who did williams buy land from native americans
The first synagogue was built in rhode island 1760
why was anne hutchinson put on trial? questioned the teachings of the church
where did anne move rhode island
What was the result of the King Phillips war taxes, colonists and native americans died
The puritans believed people should worships and deal with matters as a group
the english people lived in towns
what was the center of each village meeting hall
what was the day of rest sabbath
Where did you go on the sabbath church
what was discussed at town meetings everything
in what year were people executed as being witches in mass? 1692
How did the new englanders make a living agriculture, ship materials, trade with indians
Why did the puritans decline ministers had less power, less people moved to america from england
North Carolina poor farmers, ship supplies
South Carolina wealthy, more slaves than white men, rice and indigo
Maryland Cecil lord Baltimore, Queen Henrietta Maria, Proprietary, Act of Tolerance
Georgia James Ogelthorpe,wanted a place for debtors, banned slavery, limited size of land, rice
Deleware was in south Pennsylvania, did not want to send delegates to philadelphia, asked for own assembly
Pennsylvania William Penn, friend of King, Quaker, wanted a place for quakers, has religious tolerance
New Jersey Duke of York thought land was too big, Gave land to Lord Berkley and Sir George Cartaret
New York owned by dutch, Peter Stuyvesant(dutch), english took land
New Hampshire trading and fishing villages in Mass become seperate colony
Rhode Island Roger Williams said church and state should be seperate, kicked out, went to narragansett, Anne Hutchinson
Connecticut Thomas Hooker, Believed government had too much power. Fundamental orders of con.
Plymouth Village Pilgrims, once lived in netherland
Massachusettes Bay Colony Based on bible by puritans, John Winthrop, light on a hill, economy, male church members could vote, great migration
Virginia Jamestown, Virginia Company of London (Joint stock company) House of burgesses, magna carta, Bacons rebellion
Created by: bookwormabbi
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