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6SS-Chapter 9

The Arabian Peninsula, Iraq and Iran

Where is the largest sand desert in the world found? the Arabian Peninsula
What is Iran mainly covered with? plateaus and mountains
What does Rub' al-Khali mean? empty quarter
What is the desert in the northern part of the Arabian Peninsula covered with? volcanic rocks
What is the weather like in the Arabian Peninsula? Hot days & cold nights
What does exotic mean? when rivers begin in humid areas and flow through dry areas
Where is the highest point in the Arabian Peninsula? the mountains of Yemen
What will eventually happen to the well that contains fossil water? it will run dry
What are two extremely large and dry deserts in Saudi Arabia? the Nafud and Rub' al-Kahli
What makes up most of the physical features of the Arabian Penisula? Desert plains and mountains
What is Iran rich in? mineral deposits
What country is made up of 7 tiny kingdoms? UAE - United Arab Emirates
What family has ruled Saudi Arabia since 1932? the Saud family
What does the UAE depend on to sustain its economy? foreign workers
What country has the world's largest oil reserves? Saudi Arabia
Where is a high concentration of oil fields found? near the shores of the Persian Gulf
In Saudi Arabia, what are women not allowed to do? drive cars
What is Saudi Arabia's largest IMPORT? food
What two countries have oil, but has not made the countries rich? Oman and Yemen
In 1991, an alliance of countries forced the Iraqis out of what country? Kuwait
What began the Persian Gulf War? Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait
Where was the world's first civilization located? present-day Iraq
Who took ove rthe region of Mesopotamia during World War I? Great Britain
Why did Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait? to gain control of oil fields
What was one of the main tasks after Iraq was freed from Saddam Husseins's control to write a new constitution
What is Iraq's largest ethnic group? Arabic
What is Iraq's second largest ethnic group? Kurds
Why were the UN inspectors in Iraq? to make sure that Saddam Hussein had destroyed weapons of mass destruction
What type of crops does Iraq produce? barley, cotton and rice
When did the people of Mesopotamia convert to Islam? in the 600s
What was the result of the Iran-Iraq was in 1980? it damaged the economies of both countries
What country is directly east of Iraq? Iran
What type of government has Iraq established? a democratic government
In the 500s, who rulled present day Iran? the Persian Empire
Who did the Iranians overthrow when they attacked the US Embassy and took 50 American hostages? the shah
What is Nowruz? a Persian New Year celebration
Who is the most important person in Iran's government? the head of the ayatollahs
What has Iran's current government supported? many hard-line policies
What is the capital of Iran? Tehran
What language do most Iranians speak? Farsi
What is the poorest country in the region? Yemen
What is Iraq's leading EXPORT? oil
Created by: masonteach
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