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CE:Gr. 8 DBA Review

Civics 1st quarter review question and answers

A person with certain rights and duties who owes loyalty to their country citizen
The process a person not born as a U.S. citizen must go through to become a citizen. naturalization
The two means of obtaining citizenship natural born, naturalized
This is what America has become because a lot of immigrants have become naturalized citizens diverse
This establishes and protects citizens fundamental rights and liberties US Constitution
Freedom to petition, of religion, assembly, speech, and press are protected by this amendment 1st amendment
The 1st amendment freedom of religion states that the government may not establish an ____________ religion official
The 1st Amendment freedoms of __________ and ___________ protect citizens who criticize the government press, speech
The 1st Amendment freedoms that allows citizens to protest government policies they do not agree with petition, grievance
Something citizens are required to do by law duty
The acronym used to remember the four civic duties T L C M
Civic responsibilities are things citizens do by choice or ____________ to do volunteer
Voting, writing to a government official, or running for elective office are examples of civic responsibility
One way young people volunteer to help their community is by _____________ younger children tutoring
Trustworthiness, honesty, respect the law, patriotism, and courtesy are examples of traits of a good citizen
Protection against unfair governmental actions and laws due process
Due process protections protect citizens on these levels of government local,state,national
A group of citizens who want to influence and control government by getting their members elected to office political party
Political parties help their candidate win by raising a lot of this money
When political parties monitor the actions of the party in office they are fulfilling this function watchdog
Political parties are similar because they both try to win elections by appealing to this those who hold views in the center of the political spectrum
You can find out the difference between political parties by reading this platform
This group plays an important role in elections by introducing new ideas although they rarely win them, but can sometimes change the outcome 3rd party
A political party’s platform is an example of campaign literature
This group plays an important role in elections by helping citizens make informed choices media
Campaign finance reform laws have put _______ on the amounts of money individuals can contribute to candidates limits
Voting is both of these right and responsibility
These are _____________ to register to vote in Virginia: 18yrs old, U.S. citizen and state resident qualifications
In Virginia you have to __________ to vote at least 22 days before the election register
The following are reasons citizens do not _________: issues are not important, not interested in political process, or they forget to register vote
This is where a lot of citizens register to vote DMV
Factors that predict whether or not citizens vote age, education, income
The system we use in the U.S. to elect our President and Vice President Electoral College
The number of electors a state has is equal to the number of these they have Congress members
Candidates spend more time campaigning in states with more of these electoral votes
The Electoral College favors this type of political system Two-party
Some effects of the high cost of these are increased fundraising by candidates, an increase in the # of interest groups and PACS, changes in campaign finance laws, and giving an advantage to wealthy candidates campaigns
Separating facts from opinions, detecting bias, evaluating sources, and identifying propaganda are ___________ voters use to evaluate campaign information strategies
During the naturalization process applicants have to demonstrate an ability to read, write, and speak this ordinary English
Created by: anniewoz