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History Ch 18 Review


Name the Four Freedoms as described by FDR. Freedom of speech and expression; freedom to worship; freedom from want; and freedom from fear.
The number of this group in the workforce increased by about 6 million from 1940-1944. Women!
Define internment. Forced relocation and imprisonment.
When did the Normandy Invasion take place and what was it called? June 6, 1944; D-Day.
What two cities were hit by atomic bombs? Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Battle of Coral Sea Prevented Japanese invasion of Australia
Bataan US first experience fighting the Japanese Results in the loss of the Philippine Islands and the Bataan Death March
Operation Torch Allied invasion of North Africa Erwin Rommel (Desert Fox) is forced out of North Africa
Operation Barbarossa German invasion of the Soviet Union Hitler violated the Non-Agression Pact
Midway 4 Japanese carries lost and 1 US carrier lost Japanese navy does not recover from Midway
Guadalcanal US air superiority proven Large losses for the Japanese
Operation Overlord D-Day- June,6,1944, Largest sea invasion in history Within 11 months, the war in Europe was over
Stalingrad Largest land battle in the war, First time the German's surrender in the war
Leyte Gulf Japanese final attempt to push back Allied force, Largest sea battle in history
Okinawa Set the stage for an Allied invasion of the island of Japan
Battle of the Bulge Last German offense against the Allies, Resulted in the end of the war in Europe VE Day May, 8 1945
Kursk Largest tank battle in history, Soviets move advancements towards Germany
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