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Bacteriology - Acqui

Domain Bacteria

Bartonella hensellae Alphaproteobacteria Cat Scratch disease
Brucella Alphaproteobacteria obligate parasite, survive phagocytosis
Erlichia Carried by ticks, live in White blood cells, alphaproteobacteria Ehrlichiosis
Rickettsia prowazekii transmitted by lice, alphaproteobacteria typhus
Rickettsia typhi carried by rat fleas, alphaproteobacteria murine typhus
Rickettsia rickettsii carried by ticks, alphaproteobacteria rocky mountain spotted fever
Wolbacha insect "sex-change" bacteria, alphaproteobacteria Infect mostly insects, cause sex change
Caulobacter alphaproteobacteria, live in low nutrient acquatic environmenmts have stalks for attachment
Nitrobacter live in soil, alphaproteobacteria, can use inorganic sources of energy, and CO2 as sole carbon source
Thiobacillus Betaproteobacteria, oxidize sulfur
Spirillum Betaproteobacteria, found in fresh water, spiral shaped with two tufts of polar flagella
Sphaerotilus betaproteobacteria, found in fresh water and sewage, form sheaths
Bordatella pertussis non-motile, colonize in cilia, betaproteobacteria pertussis, whooping cough
Neisseria meningites betaproteobacteria meningitis
Neisseria gonorrhoeae betaproteobacteria gonorrhea
Zoogloea betaproteobacteria used in sewage treatment plants
Pseudomonas aeruginosa gammaproteobacteria, found in soil and aqueous places, "soap dish bacteria" UTIs, sepsis, meningitis, nosocomial infections
Moraxella gammaproteobacteria conjunctivitis
Legionella pneumophila gammaproteobacteria, found in warm water lines and air conditioning systems legionellosis
Coxiella burnetii gammaproteobacteria, found in contaminated milk Q fever
Vibrio cholerae gammaproteobacteria cholera
vibrio paranaemolyticus gammaproteobacteria gastroenteritis
Escherichia coli gammaproteobacteria, enteric, found in human intestinal tract travelers diarrhea
Klebsiella gammaproteobacteria, enteric, found in soil and water opportunistic pneumonia
Proteus gammoproteobacteria, enteric, swarming motility UTI
Salmonella enterica gammoproteobacteria, enteric found in intestinal tract infectious to warm blooded animals
Serratia marcescens gammaproteobacteria, enteric, problem as a contaminant in cathaters, saline supply lines etc. UTIs, RTIs, nosocomial
Shigella gammaproteobacteria, enteric dysentery
Yersinia pestis gammaproteobacteria, enteric plague
Pasteurella multocida gammaproteobacteria
Haemophilus influenzae gammaproteobacteria, found in mucos membranes meningitis
Haemophilus ducreyi gammaproteobacteria, found in mucus membranes STI - chancroid
Beggiota gammaproteobacteria
Francisela tularnesis gammaproteobacteria
Bdellovibrio deltaproteobacteria attaches to other bacteria
Desfulovibrio deltaproteobacetria, sulfur reducing -
Myxococcules deltaproteobacteria, gliding motion -
Campylobacter fetus epsilonproteobacteria spontaneous abortion in some animals
Campylobacter jejuni epsilonproteobacteria foodborne illness
Helicobacter pylori epsilonproteobacteria stomach ulcers, stomac cancer
Cyanobacteria gram-neg non proteobacteria, oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria not pathogenic
Chloroflexus green nonsulfur, gram negative, nonproteobacteria not pathogenic
Chlorobium green sulfur, gram negative, nonproteobacteria not pathogenic
Rodospirillim purple nonsulfur, gram negative, nonproteobacteria -
Chromatium purple sulfur, gram negative, nonproteobacteria -
Clostridium tetani gram positive, firmicute, terminal endospore tetanus
Clostridium botulinum gram positive, firmicute, terminal endospore botulism
Clostridium difficile gram positive, firmicute, terminal endospore part of normal flora
Clostridium perfringens gram positive, firmicute, terminal endospore gas gangrene
Bacillus antrhacis gram positive, firmicute anthrax
Bacillus thuringiensis gram positive, firmicute kills insects - used in agriculture
Bacillus cereus gram positive, firmicute, found on carbohydrate rich substances -"beans and rice bug" enterotoxin
Staphylococcus aureus gram positive, firmicute, tolerates high osmotic pressure (grown on manitol salt agar), can be highly resistant to antibiotics boils, toxic shock syndrome
Lactobacillus gram positive, firmicute part of normal flora in vaginal tract
Streptococcus pyogenes gram positive, firmicute, beta-hemolytic (digests RBCs) Scarlet fever, strep throat
Streptococcus pneumoniae gram positive, firmicute, alpha-hemolytic (oxidizes RBCs) Dental carries
Enterococcus faecalis gram positive, firmicute surgical wound infections, nosocomial infections
Listeria monocytogenes gram positive, firmicute, can grow at refrigeration temps, "cold cut bug" food borne illnesses
Mycobacterium tuberculosis gram positive, actinobacteria, mycolic acid coating tuberculosis
Mycobacterium leprae actinobacteria, gram positive, mycolic acid coating, hard to culture leprosy
Corynebacterium diptheriae gram positive, actinobacteria diptheria
Propionibacterium acnes gram positive, actinobacteria acne
Streptomyces gram positive, actinobacteria, soil dwelling antibiotics derived from this bacteria
Actinomyces gram positive, actinobacteria -
Chlamydia trachomatis gram positive eye infections
Chlamydia uretrhitis gram positive STI - chlamydia
Treponema pallidium gram positive, spirochete syphillis
Borellia burgdoferi gram positive, spirochete lyme disease
Leptospira gram positive, spirochete transmitted in dog/cat urine -
Which phylum has a high G+C concentration actinobacteria -
Which phylum has a low G+C concentration firmicutes
Pelagibacter ubique alphaproteobacteria, most abundant bacteria in ocean none
Agrobacteria alphaproteobacteria, infect plants, used in agriculture - plasmids may carry desired genes crown gall
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