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Where and when did Hinduism begin? The religion arose about 3500 years ago in the Indus Valley
What is unique about Hinduism in regards to text and founder? There is no sacred text and no single founder.
What is Brahman? Brahman- An unchanging all-powerful spiritual force that everything is a part of.
Who are the three main gods of Hinduism? Braham- The Creator Vishnu- The Preserver Shiva- The Destroyer
What is the main goal of Hinduism? To reach Moksha- This is done by freeing themselves of selfish desires
What is Moksha? Union with Brahman
What is reincarnation? The rebirth of the soul (immortal) after death into the body of another.
What is Karma? Effects of a person's actions that determine thier destiny in thier next reincarnation.
What Dharma? Religious and moral duties of an iduvidual.
What is the caste system and how is it broken up? Dividing people into life long social status positions. 1. Brahmins- Privileged or highest caste 2. Ksatriyas- Warriors and Rulers 3. The Vaisyas- Farmers and Traders 4. The Sundras- Laborers Untouchables- Don't belong in any caste and were shund
Where and when did Judaism begin? In Cannan around 1500 to 1800 B.C.
What is Judaisms Holy book called? The Torah
Who is the main character of Judaism Abraham
Where and when do Jews practice? At Synagogue on Saturdays
What are the 3 sects of Judaism? 1. Orthodox 2. Conservative 3. Reform
Where and when did Buddhism begin? Northern India about 2500years ago
Who is the main Character in Buddhism? siddhartha gautama. gave up everything to reach enlightenment.(buddha)
What are the 4 noble truths? They are 4 things you need to do to reach Nirvana
Why does the eightfold paths exist? Describes they way to end suffering.
What is the middle way? The acts of following the eightfold paths.
What is Nirvana? Passing into another kind of existance like Buddha did.
Where is Confucianism from? China
Where is Daoism from? China
Where is Legalism from? China
When did Confucianism begin? 551 B.C.E
When did Daoism begin? 6th Century B.C.E
When did legalism begin? 221 b.c.e
What are the 5 key relationships? Ruler Ruled Husband Wife Parent Child Older sibling Younger sibling
What is Filial Piety? A Confucian idea,the virtue to be held above all else: a respect for the parents and ancestors
How does Confusionism keep society functioning? Through the 5 key relationships.
What is the Dao? is the founder of daoism.
How should people live their lives in daoism? Try to become one with dao by gainingpeace and happiness.
What are legalist beliefs on human nature? Most people are naturally selfish and evil. Also people shouls have many laws and harsh punishments.
What are legalist beliefs on human nature? What do people need to be benevolent/good? Strict rules and harsh punishment
How should society be governed in Confucianism? Set an example of being correct and lead and work hard for the people.
How should society be governed in Daoism? Rulers should make very few laws and help people achieve what they naturally desire.
How should society be governed in Legalism? Create laws with clear punishment. Rules must never demonstrate Charity. Rulers should trust nobody.
Where and when did Christianity begin? In Jeruselum around th year 0
What is the Holy book called in Christianity,and how is it broken up? The Bible- te new and old testament
Who is the main character of Christianity? Jesus
Where andwhen do christians pratice their faith? At an church on sundays
What are the three main sects of Christianity? 1. The Orthodox Church 2. Roman Catholicism 3. Protestantism
Where and when did Islam begin? In mecca 570 A.D
Who is the main character of Islam? Muhammad
What is the holy book of Islam called? Koran (Qur'an)
What is the ultimate goal of Islam? Live according to the 5 pillars so they are rewarded with salvation?
What are the five pillars? Shahada- That allah is the one and only god Salat- Pray 5 times a day at ceratin times Zakat- Give to Charity Siyman- fast for ramadan Hajj- make a pilgrmage back to mecca
Where and when do Muslims practice their faith? At mosque on fridays
What are the two sects of Islam? Sunni and Shi'i
Who is Shi Huangdi? The first emperor of the Qin Dynasty
How was the qin Dynasty Ruled? Through the ways of Legalism
What was the "Golden Age" of the Han Dynasty like? Chinese Culture began by writing books, making suspension bridges , rudder, paper, medical teatment one Accupuncture.
What was the Civil Service Exam? A test for men on confucius to get government jobs.
What led to The Han dynasty falling? The Warlords could no longer be controlled so the peasants rebelled.
What led to the Qin Dynasty falling? Shi HuangDi died and his son tookover making the dynasty strong but very harsh. The people couldn't take it anymore and rebelled.
What is Athens the most credited for giving us today? Explain that form of government. Democracy- Governing power is derived from the people and put into elect officials.
What was the "Golden Age" of Ancient Greece like?
What did the romans borrow from the Greeks?
What influence did Greeks and Romans haves on the Mediterranean Sea?
What lasting achievements do the Romans bring us today?
What are all the causes of rome to fall? Barbarian Invasions, Decline in Morals and Values, Enviormental and Public Heath Problems, Excessive Military Spending To Defend the Empire, Inferior Technology, Inflation, Political Corruption, Rise in Christianity, Unemployment, and Urban Decay
Who is Ashoka? How did he Rule? emperor in 268, chandraguptas grandson. promotes buddhism to increase pease and unity.
How did The Gupta Empire Rule? with a well orginized democracy (harsh)
How did The Maurya Empire Rule? with a well orginized democracy (harsh)
Where did Gupta Flourish? india
Where did Maurya Flourish? india
What led to Gupta Falling? weak rules, cruel war, and forgin invaders
What led to Maurya Falling? weak rules, cruel war and forgin invaders
What was the "Golden Age" like for Gupta and Maurya? guptas emporors unite in india, rule was looser and milder
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