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Volleyball study guide

1. Use a ______________ step approach when hitting a volleyball. 3
There are __________ players on a side in a regulation volleyball game. 6
A regulation is game is played to __________ points. 25
A regulation game must be won by _________ points. 2
It is a __________ _____________ when the server steps on or over the service line. foot fault
The server is the player in the ___________ __________ position. right back
The best of ____________ games constitutes a match. 3
Players rotate ________________ on a volleyball court. clockwise
When setting a ball you should contact the ball with your ____________. fingertips
When passing a ball you should contact the ball with your ____________. forearms
The proper sequence of hits on a side pass, set, hit
The term used when the serving team loses the serve. sideout
The number of hits allowed on a side before the ball must go over. 3
What type of hit should be used to receive a serve? pass
Which team can score a point on the serve in rally scoring both
A ball that lands on the line is considered in
The ball may not touch the net on a serve. false
It is legal to touch the net during a game if you are not going for the ball. false
It is legal to block a serve false
You may hit the ball underhand during a game as long as your hand is open like a set. false
Slapping the ball with two hands to cause the ball to go over the net is legal. false
You should get down to change your momentum from forward to up on a hit. true
The most important part of the serve is the toss true
The most important part of the hit is the timing true
It is illegal for the ball to touch the net and go over when passing false
It is illegal to play the ball off of the ceiling if it lands on the same side of the net. false
A back row player may go up to the net to block and hit false
You may not run out of bounds to hit a ball false
A block is considered a hit false
There is one circumstance when you can play the ball twice in succession true
Created by: rickaroo