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13 colonies

Mr. Stickler's AW 13 Colonies unit test flash cards.

Who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony? John Winthrop. (1630) (He was also the Governor!)
Why was the Massachusetts Bay Colony founded? To be a place where the Puritans could freely practice their Congregationalist religious beliefs.
Who founded Rhode Island? Roger Williams. (1636) (He was banished from Massachusetts!)
Who founded New Hampshire? Captain John Mason. (1629)
What was King Phillip's "real" name? Metacomet.
What Indian tribe did King Phillip belong to? The Wampanoag Tribe.
How did the Pequot War start? (1637) White settlers in Massachusetts accused a Pequot of murdering a Colonist.
How did the Puritans explained their Pequot War slaughter? They used a Bible verse saying, "Sometimes the Scripture declareth (that) women & children must perish with their parents."
What does "coureurs de bois" mean? "Runners of the Woods." It's a term for French fur traders who lived away from cities in Canada.
What is the Mayflower Compact? Document signed by 41 male Mayflower Pilgrims. Bound them together to make laws & enforce them; also ensured the "others" would help build homes, hunt, etc.
What are the "Fundamental Orders of Connecticut"? Series of laws that provided for a government like Massachusetts except voting not limited to church members.
How did French settlers (trappers & others) relate to Indians? They treated them with dignity & respect; did not try to conquer them.
Name three (3) ways Native Americans were effected by European contact. 1.) Lost lands to Colonization 2.) Lost their culture to Christianity 3.) Lost money due to Colonial over trapping.
What was Pocahontas' "real" name? Matawaka
What is one (1) result of the Pequot War on the tribe? Pequot Nation was dissolved.
What was the name of the treaty that ended the Pequot War of 1637? Treaty of Hartford (1638).
What is a 2nd result of the Pequot War on the tribe? All Pequots "rounded up" and sold as slaves to Bermuda.
What crop saved Jamestown in 1612? Spanish tobacco. They grew enough to export and trade!
Why is the House of Burgesses an important milestone in American history? It was the first time a representative government had been created in America.
Name the New England Colonies. Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, & Rhode Island.
Name the Middle Colonies. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware.
Name the Southern Colonies. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia,
Which Colonies were more likely to produce indigo? Southern Colonies.
Which Colonies were more likely to produce ships? New England Colonies.
How many Colonies hunted whales? 1.
Who was Eliza Lucas Pinckney? She was the daughter of a Carolina plantation owner who took over operation of the plantation while her father was gone & was very successful planting indigo.
Who was Anne Hutchinson and why is it important to know about her? The first woman who stood up to the church leaders and spoke out against some of their beliefs and practices. Eventually she was banished from the Colony and started a new city.
What does the term "Triangular Trade" refer to? The trade relationship between the 13 Colonies, the West Indies, and West Africa. Ships transported slaves, rum, and other goods and materials back and forth between these 3 places, forming a triangle.
What did the Navigation Act of 1651 say? This law said that all goods imported into England or the Colonies must arrive on English ships and crews qualified as English.
Who was Adam Smith and what economic theory did he create? He was an economist. He wrote a theory about market economies. In it, he wrote that the "invisible hand" (the forces of supply and demand) would naturally regulate free markets as long as the government didn't intervene.
Name the 4 types of economies. Traditional economy, Mixed economy, Market economy, & Command economy.
Which economy type doesn't usually involve the exchange of money for goods and services? Traditional economy.
Which economy type has the MOST government interventions? Command economy.
What does the term "opportunity cost" relate to? This relates to the cost of what a person gives up in order to choose a different opportunity. (Ex: the amount of salary you give up to go back to college full time is its "opportunity cost".)
How was the way Georgia was colonized different from the way other colonies were settled? Georgia was settled as a "debtors colony". People who owed money in England but couldn't pay it would've been imprisoned. Instead, debtors were given the chance to come and settle in Georgia.
Who founded the Georgia Colony? James Oglethorpe.
Who were Louis Joliet and Father Marquette? These men were French explorers who sailed down the Mississippi River. Joliet was looking for gold and other precious metals, Father Marquette tried to convert people (especially Native Americans) to Catholicism.
How did the French treat Native Americans when they met them? They treated Native Americans with dignity and respect. They didn't force them to change their religion or culture and they traded with them fairly.
Who was involved in the French and Indian War? 1.) French, 2.) British, 3.) Native Americans.
Why was the French and Indian War fought? The British resented the fact that the French had set up forts in the Ohio River Valley. The British wanted it for its natural resources, especially animals to trap for fur trading.
What was the Albany Plan of Union? This was a plan drawn up by Ben Franklin during the Albany Congress. The plan was his attempt at trying to unite the 13 Colonies under a single government. Only 4 Colonies showed up for the meeting and voted for it.
Why was John Peter Zenger's trial important? It was important because Zenger, a journalist, wrote a column that criticized the English government and was arrested. At his trial, the jury found him not guilty because what he wrote was true. That opened the door for others to criticize the government
Why was George Washington famous after the French and Indian War? He was famous because he had the courage to stand up to the French. No one else would deliver the message from Virginia's governor that said the French needed to abandon their fort and leave the Ohio River Valley.
What was Bacon's Rebellion? A revolt led by a Virginia farmer who defied the governor's orders. The governor had ordered forts built to protect the frontier from Native American attacks. Bacon led a group of vigilantes who killed some Native Americans & tried to arrest the governor.
What was the outcome of Bacon's Rebellion? Bacon led his group of vigilantes to Jamestown where they burned the town and fought against the governor's troops. But, Bacon became ill and died and the rebellion stopped without its leader.
What did our experiment with FIFA '14 contracts on Jeff's iPhone tell us about Adam Smith's theory? The experiment told us that he may have been right. The contracts are sold at an online auction where there's no interference from the company who makes the game. Players are free to look for the best prices & sellers set prices low in order to sell.
What were 'missions'? Places where religious people - especially Catholics - tried to teach Native Americans about Catholicism and convert them to the religion.
Who founded Connecticut? Thomas Hooker. He became dissatisfied with the Puritan religion in Massachusetts and led a group of people who felt the same way out of the Colony. They built a city that would later be called Hartford.
What was the Mason - Dixon Line? This was a line created by two astronomers - Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon - that became the boundary between four Colonies: Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.
Created by: sticklerpjpII