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History of Greek Drama

literal translation for tragedy "goat song" (because the winner of the competition received a goat)
tetralogy 4 plays the playwrites would have submitted to the competition (3 tragedies & 1 satire/comedy)
uses of masks -so the audience could see a face -allowed for quick character changes -had a megaphone device that made it easier to hear (possibly)
funding for the plays was provided by wealthy citizens
who would pay for citizens unable to pay the cost of admittance to plays the government
drama was _______ to Greek life central
actions were not ______ but ______ by actors instead acted out; reported by
the prologue -sets the scene -outlines the plot -provides the complicating incident
the play concludes w/ _______ and _________ an exodus; an epilogue
the chorus provides the reactions of the "common man"
episodes include the main actors
the choruses & episodes __________ each other alternate
______ remained central conflict
playwrites turned to _______ & __________ for subject matter -myths & history -both real & mythology
conflict was the basis for ________ _________ dramatic action
examples of conflict being the main plot line -fate vs. free will -cowardice vs. courage -ignorance vs. knowledge
staging was simple
deus ex machine -a crane that would lower a god on stage -now means a way to solve a problem easily (cheaply/cheating)
poetry remained the _________ dramatic agent central
Thespis believed to have been the 1st to include acting to the choral singing
choragos -the leader of the chorus that interacts with the characters on stage
when did it start between 4 to 6 B.C.
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