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France Test

vocab and questions

capital of France Paris
river that flows through Paris the Seine
built to honor Napoleans military victories Arc de Triomphe
belif that there is no God athesim
June 6 1944- US and its allies invade France to liberate the French from German Nazi occupation D-Day
palace remark made Marie Antoinette " Let them eat cake "
battle cry of the French revolution Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
novel about the French Revolution Tale of Two Cities
Ressnaiance style chateux Chambord and Chenonceau
famous catholic catherdral in Paris Notre Dame
king and queen of France during the French Revoultion Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette
tallest maountain in Europe The Alps
A.F.I.G.S Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland
three types of frech breads Baguette, Biroche, Crossiant
three french cheeses Brie, Roquefort, Cambert
body of water between Spain and France Bay of Biscay
mountain that divides France and Spain the Pyreness
birth place of Napolean Corsica
beheading device Guillotine
Frech revolutionist who led the Reign of Terror Robspierre and Marat
Royal castle about one hour outside of Paris Versailles
Famous gothic catherdral know for its stain glass Chartres
body of water that divides France from the U.K english channel
features of Gothic architecture rose window, flying buttress, spire, gargoyle, pointed arch, vaulted ceiling
1789- 40,000 french nobles guillotined reign of terror
french word for castle Chateau
port in southern France at the mouth of the Rhone Marsailles
Frech prison stormed by angry peasants July 14, 1789 the bastille
july 14, 1789 bastille day
port where Hitler though D-Day would be Calais
built in 1889 to commerate the 100th anniversary of the French revolution Eiffel Tower
famous art muesam in paris the louvre
costal area on English Channel, site of D-Day landings Normandy
mob rule mobocracy
french wines Burgundy,Bordeaux, Chateu Neuf du Pap, Champagne
medival style castle angers
famous avenue in Paris Champs Elysses
5 exports from France brie cheese, wine and grapes, chanel, louis vuitton, perfume
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