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Social Studies 8

Civil War Vocabulary

Manifest Destiny 1800's theory that the US should control the land from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean
Sectionalism Different opinions on political, economic and social issues based on your geographic region (north, south, east, west)
Agrarian Society which is based on farming
Plantation System Southern idea where labor lives and works within the boundaries of a self sufficient community
Republican Party Formed during the 1850's as an anti-slavery party, Abe LIncoln was one
Secession Breaking away from a union like the south during the civil war
Civil Liberties Rights which are given to you as a human being
Emancipation Freeing a person or peoples from a bond
Justification Giving a reason for an action (South justified leaving the Union because Lincoln was president)
Abolitionist An individual in the early 1800s who wanted to end slavery
Tension Uneasiness between two parties (The North and South had this on the issue of slavery 1800's)
Preserve To keep in place or intact
Domestic Issues that are dealt with inside of a country
Compromise Have 2 sides to agree on a plan to settle a dispute
Industrialization To move your economy into making products in factories with modern technology
Fugitive Slave Act Law which required the return of any runaway slave captured in the North or South
Dred Scott Decision Stated that slaves were indeed property and had no rights anywhere in the USA
Bleeding Kansas Violence which broke out for 2 years in a border territory
Harper's Ferry Stash of weapons which John Brown attempted to raid to arm slaves
North Advantage of railroads
Popular Sovereignty Territories ability to vote if they would allow slavery in their territory or not
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