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Airports / Navaids

ABI Abilene Regional Airport, Abilene TX
4TX1 Abilene Regional Hospital, Abilene TX (SW)
ADS Addison Airport, TX (ENE)
T23 Albany Municipal Airport, TX (NE)
CLL College Station Airport, TX (SE)
ABQ Albuquerque Airport, NM (NW)
LTS Altus AFB, OK (N)
E38 Alpine Airport, TX (SW)
AMA Amarillo Airport, TX (NW)
GKY Arlington Airport, TX (E)
AUS Austin Bergstrom Airport, TX (SE)
E30 Ballinger Airport, TX (S)
BPT Beaumont Port Arthur Airport, TX (SE)
BPG Big Spring McMahon Airport, TX (W)
BKD Breckenridge Airport, TX (NE)
BWD Brownwood Airport, TX (SE)
3F2 Cisco Airport, TX (E)
COM Coleman Airport, TX (SE)
T88 Colorado City Airport, TX (W)
DFW Dallas Ft Worth Intl. Airport, TX (ENE)
RBD Dallas Executive Airport, TX (E)
DTO Denton Airport, TX (ENE)
DAL Dallas Love Airport, TX (E)
DRT Del Rio Airport, TX (S)
ETN Eastland Airport, TX (E)
82TS Elmdale Airpark, TX (NE)
JCT Junction Airport, TX (S)
ELP El Paso Airport, TX (W)
56F Fisher County Airport, TX (NW)
FWS Fort Worth Spinks Airport, TX (E)
FTW Fort Worth Meacham Airport, TX (E)
AFW Fort Worth Alliance Airport, TX (E)
GRK Fort Hood AAF/Killeen Airport, TX (SE)
FST Fort Stockton Airport, TX (SW)
JEN Glenrose VORTAC, TX (E)
GPM Grand Prairie Municipal Airport, TX (E)
14F Hamlin Airport, TX (NW)
15F Haskel Airport, TX (N)
TA38 Hendrick Hospital, TX (NW)
HOU Houston Hobby Airport, TX (SE)
IAH Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, TX (SE)
PVW Plainview Airport, TX (NW)
LZZ Lampasas Airport, TX (SE)
AGJ Gooch Springs VORTAC, Lampasas TX (SE)
LRD Laredo Airport, TX (S)
DLF Laughlin AFB, Del Rio, TX (SSW)
LIT Little Rock Airport, AR (NE)
LBB Lubbock International Airport, TX (NW)
TTT Maverick VORTAC, TX (E)
MAF Midland International Airport, TX (WSW)
MQP Millsap VORTAC, Mineral Wells, TX (ENE)
MWL Mineral Wells Airport, TX (ENE)
ODO Odessa Schlemeyer Airport, TX (WSW)
FUZ Ranger VORTAC, FT Worth TX (ENE)
RND Randolph AFB, San Antonio TX (SE)
PEQ Pecos Airport, TX (W)
SAT San Antonio Airport, TX (SE)
SJT San Angelo Airport, TX (SW)
SPS Sheppard AFB / Wichita Falls Airport, TX (NE)
SHV Shreveport Airport, LA (E)
BAD Barksdale AFB, Shreveport LA (E)
F56 Stamford Arledge Airport, TX (N)
SNK Snyder Airport, TX (NW)
SEP Stephenville Airport, TX (SE)
SWW Sweetwater Avenger Field, TX (W)
TUL Tulsa Intl Airport, OK (NE)
RVS Tulsa Riverside Airport, OK (NE)
TXK Texarkana Airport, TX (ENE)
TYR Tyler Airport, TX (E)
INK Wink Airport, TX (W)
ACT Waco Regl Airport, TX (SE)
CNW TSTC Waco Airport, TX (SE)
WEA Weatherford Airport, TX (E)
OKC Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City OK (NE)
IRW Will Rogers VORTAC, Oklahoma City, OK (NE)
DWH David Wayne Hooks Airport, Houston TX, (SE)
77F Winters Airport, TX (SSW)
PNH Panhandle VORTAC, TX (NW)
NFW Ft Worth Naval JRB, TX (E)
CDS Childress Airport, TX (NW)
DHT Dalhart Airport, TX (NW)
GTH Guthrie Airport, TX (NW)
AQO Llano Municipal Airport, TX (SE)
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