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Native American Rev.

Native American Review: ch. 4

What is known as the period of time before written records? Pre-history
What is an anthropologist? Person who studies and compares how people lived
What is an archaeologist? Person who uses the remains of materials to study past people
What are artifacts? Tools, weapons and other objects made by people that give clues to how people lived
When did people start migrating to North America and how did they get here? 38,000 and 10,000 they arrived using the Bering Strait
What country did the first Americans come from? Asia
By what name were the first Americans known? Paleo Indians
What was the first mammal they hunted? mammoth
What is maize? corn
What is another word for groups of people who moved from place to place nomads
In what kind of homes did the Karankawa live? wigwams
What did the Coahuiltecan do for fun? mitotes - all night celebrations
What farming method did the Caddo practice? Why? Crop rotation - to prevent soil from wearing out
Who made the importand decisions in the Caddo society? women
What Hasinai word is the source for the name Texas? Tejas - friend
What materials did the Jumano use for their homes? Adobe
Where did the Jumano build their homes? South Texas
What is another name for animal skins? hides
In what kind of home did the Plains Indians live? Teepees, movable homes made from animal hides stretched over poles
What part of Texas did the Comanche control? Northern and Western Texas
What is the name for the area the Comanche controlled? Comancheria
Why did the American Indians move to the Plains? buffalo
What was introduced that led to the Indians developing more complex societies? Farming
Where do scientists believe the first Americans came from? Asia
What are hunters-gatherers? People who hunt animals and gather wild plants for food
How did the Coahuiltecan adapt to the dry climate of South Texas? They were hunter gatherers
Art drawn on cave walls is known as what? rock art
Near what major body of water did the Jumano build villages and grow crops? Rio Grande
What did the Pueblo Indians build made out of sun-baked mud and straw? Adobe homes
What was the most important crop for early Americans? corn
The North Central Plains was full of what animal that Indians depended on for food? buffalo
Which Native American tribe built permanent villages and were expert farmers? Caddo
What are allies? Friends who supported each other
What do you call groups of people that share a common language and are allies? Confederacies
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