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Ind.- Gold Coast A colony conquered by the British in 1874. It is called the ___________ because of its rich supply of gold. Its supply of gold is what made the West African Empires rich.
Ind.- Cacao The seed used to make chocolate.By 1920 half of the worlds supply of ___ was given to the west African empires. After the supply of gold went down in Africa ____ was the new money making source in Africa. (a cash crop)
Ind.- Kwame Nkrumah A man who worked to gain independence of the Gold Coast from the British. The organized boycotts of British goods. He also led strike against the companies owned by the British in the Gold Coast. He was imprisoned but kept on fighting.
Ind.- Ghana The new name of the gold coast after being set free from Britain on March 6, 1957.
Ind.- Jomo Kenyatta He was a leader who freed Kenya from British rule.
Ind.- Suez Canal It cuts across Egypt's Sinai Peninsula from the Mediterranean sea to the Red sea. When British gained control it was a symbol of weakness to Egyptians...
Ind.- Gamal Abdel Nasser Led rebels to gain independence from the British and forced them out of Egypt... Was then elected president of Egypt. (made a difference)
Ind.- Cairo The capital of Egypt.
Ind.- Algeria Special to the French... Was conquered by the French... Was considered part of the French Nation. 1 of 9 million people are of French backgrounds. Had to represent french parliament. Demanded FLN to press their demands.
Ind.- National Liberation Front An organization in Algeria to fight France for independence.
Geog.- Sahara The largest hot desert in Africa and the world.
Geog.- Sahel An Arabic word meaning "shore..." Has little rain. Very dry.
Geog.- Savannas Grassy tree dotted planes. Many African animals. Has very dry seasons.
Geog.- Mount. Kilimanjaro Located in Tanzania _______ _________ is the tallest mountain in Africa.
Geog.- Basins A large bowl shaped dip in the ground. Into witch little rivers flow.
Geog.- The Great Rift Valley "Rift" Division or gap. The ___ ___ _____ is the divider between East and West Africa.
Geog.- Lake Tanganyika Is the deepest lake in the world.
Geog.- Lake Victoria The worlds second largest freshwater lake.
Geog.- Congo River One of Africa's major rivers. On Africa's central Plateau.
Geog.- Niger River One of Africa's major rivers.
Geog.- Zambezi River One of Africa's major rivers. On Africa's central plateau. Tumbles 350 feet at Victoria Falls.
Geog.- Victoria Falls Prevents other ships from sailing into the interior of Africa. Also provides hydroelectric power.
Geog.- Hydroelectric Power Energy powered by running or falling water.
C.- Nelson Mandela Fought for justice was sent to jail was freed was elected president of South Africa. A modern day hero.
C.- Sanctions Penalties such as refusing to buy the goods of others...
C.- Fredric Willem De Klerk Changed South Africa. Released Mandela... Stopped apartheid... set up free elections.
C.- Genocide The planed killing of an ethnic group.
C.- Arable Land or land good for or use or avalible for crops.
C.- Desertification The advancement of desert.
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