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Early America

Mr. Spires - Native Americans, Culture, Exploration and Colonization

Theory of first people who migrated to the Americas Crossed a land bridge that joined Asia and North America
Aztec religion made them believe this Cortes was one of their gods and welcomed him
Main way knowledge and culture spread in early times Trade
What was not a consequence of Columbus’s voyages? Columbus was the only one brave enough to take this route
Native Americans who spoke the same language and shared the same cultural traits belong to the same Nation
England’s search for “gold” came in this form Land
Conquered the Inca Pizarro
What had the greatest effect on Native American’s brought by Europeans Diseases
What is the Columbian exchange? Transfer of People, foods, and germs between Europe and the Americas
Three G’s of exploration God, Gold and Glory
Columbus started a chain of events known as this Great Convergence
What disease was most responsible for Native American’s death? Smallpox
Conquered the Aztec Cortes
Columbus called the natives Indians because He thought he was in India
Aztec nation was in current day Mexico
What are the best aspects of culture that can be found on coins Religion, Government,Daily Life , Art, Language and Clothing
If I found a cross on a native American artifact this would tell me what? Europeans had already been here and introduced Christianity
What are the eight aspects of culture? Food, Clothing, Music, Art, Religion, Daily life, Language, Government
This country sponsored Columbus in his voyages Spain
King of the Aztec’s that Cortes kidnapped Montezuma
His crew was the first to sail around the world Magellan
Which culture used Terrace farming as a means of adaptation of living in the Andes Mountains? Inca
The Inca used a farming technique that the other two cultures did not use that was very specific. What was it called? Terrace farming
The trade route that linked Africa, the West Indies and America was called? Triangle Trade Route
The second leg and most brutal part of the Triangle Trade route that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies was called The Middle Passage
Why did the Pilgrims create the Mayflower Compact? To create some type of government once they were on shore.
The first form of representative government in the colonies was used in Virginia and called The House of Burgesses
What did the Magna Carta do? Said even the King was not above the law.
What on a coin showed that the U.S. was a monotheistic society? The fact that the word "God" is not plural.
What does the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum mean? "out of many, one." or one of many.
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