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Western Civ 1st Test

flashcards for first test

Meaning man can not be dependent on others all the time and has to be independent. The Enlightenment
What is the only thing that gives Government power? The people
Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of association and assembly. First
Amendment allows you to have and keep your guns. Second
Amendment says that soldiers are not allowed to invade your home. Third
Amendment does not allow the police or any other form of government to invade your house without a warrant. Fourth
Amendment does not allow someone to be persecuted without being indicted. Fifth
amendment is about criminal proceedings when you are in court. It is the right to have a trial with defense and the right to be in the court of law and ask the witness their opinion in what happened. Sixth
amendment means that people that are in the jury with you that are your peers and that are among you own likeness decide whether you are guilty or not. Seventh
amendment means that there should not be any unfair or unnecessary punishments if one is found guilty in the courtroom. Eighth
amendment means that if rights that the people still need to follow rules and laws even if they are not stated in the list. Ninth
amendment means that the roles and the powers in America are not reserved/come from previous officers. Meaning that there will be voting in the leaders and they will not come from monasteries. Tenth
He was a Genevois philosopher and majoring influenced the French Revolution. Rousseau
He claimed and stated that the “state of nature was a primitive condition without law or morality.” Rousseau
She planned the “extrapolation of Enlightenment ideals to include education for women  Wollstonecraft
She was a British writer, philosopher, and a promoter or women’s rights, schoolteacher and headmistress She had many works one being The Wrongs of Woman or Maria  Wollstonecraft
Created by: langkat13