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American/French Card

American and French Revolution Cards

Declaration of Independence The Document that the colonists in America wrote to delcare their freedom from Great Britain.
The Declaration of The Rights of Man The Declaration that the French Revolutionists wrote to overthrow the monarchy and help create a better society and Democracy.
The Contstitution This document helps maintain the power of the government so that each branch of government has equal power and helps them from gaining too much power.
The Bill of Rights These were the first Ten Amendments of the Constitution that helped maintain the rights of the people.
The Third Estate In French Society, this was where the main population of France was in society.
The French Revolution This was caused by the mass number of the population of France starving and the King not doing anything about it, causing the people to go into rage and overthrow the monarchy.
The Estates General The French Legislative Body that over-looked the three different estates of France.
The Reign of Terror This was the period of time during the FRench Revolution where the people were going crazy after they overthrew the king and killing many people everyday and causing the population to be scared.
The Guillontine The decapitating device mainly used during the French Revolution to execute law breakers.
The Old Regime This was the old way of how a country would be run with a monarchy and a class structure.
National Assembly The New Government in France that oversaw all the actions of all the estates.
Girondins The Middle class of French Society
Jacobins The Low class of French Society
Sanculants The High class of French Society
Napoleon The General who was winning the battles during the French Revolution against Austria, and eventually crowned himself Emperor of France.
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