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Test Number 1

The Enlightened time, and Revolutions

American Revolution Was a war that declared America's independence form England.
Declaration of Independence Was a document that declares the America's Independence from England
Declaration of Rights of Man A document that tells the people of France their rights.
Constitution It is a document that tells the government what they can and cannot do.
Bill of Rights Is a document that tells the people of the United States their rights. They are also are the first ten amendment.
Third Estate Also known as the commoners or the peasants. They were the working class of France and made up most of their population. Although they made most of population they were lest respected and represented.
French Revolution Was a revolution in France of the third estate that revolted against the government. They just wanted a different government.
Old Regime The old government before the Revolution. The king and queen ruled all.
The National Assembly The new government that represented the third estate. And listened to them and their wants.
Reign of Terror This was when the people revolting got extremely dangerous and bloody.
Guillontine This was a weapon used to kill anyone they thought opposed them. Was used a lot in French Revolution.
The Estate General Was the different break up social classes. There was the First estate made the nobles, second is the church/clergy, and the third estate was the people. Broken up into 5,5,90%.
Maximillian Robespierre Was rejected by the king for his ideas and was the man that encouraged and really started the whole violence of the Revolution.
Girondins the middle class
Jacobins the low class
Sanculants was the highest class of people the extremely rich people.
Napoleon was a lower class person and joined the military. here he was able to work his way up to a high position. He was able to become the emperor of France for a short time.
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