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8 history chpt. 2

test on 10/18/10

non-catholics protestants
in 1497, he rediscovered newfoundland cabot
he sailed around africa in 1498 to reach india da gama
the largest and most powerful indian tribe east of the mountains in NC Tuscarora
led norseman to vinland in 1001 ericsson
the all-water route from asia for which many europeans searched northwest passage
he set5 out from spain in 1492 hopeing to reach china and the east indies by sailing west columbus
the spanish word for conqurers conquistadores
the Weed smoked by indians tobbacco
the carribian island columbus landed on in 1492 san salvador
in 1513 he was the first european to reach the pacific ocean balboa
a group of settlers in a new land still under rule of their native country colony
the indian name for the area between the santee and cape fear rivers chicora
in 1524 he was the first european to explore the NC coast verrazano
in 1535 he conqured the inca indias of peru and captured their silver mines pizzaro
discovered florida in 1513 de leon
a spanish official on the island of hispanola who tried to plant a colony in chicora ayllon
animals brought to that became important to the indians horses and pigs and cows
in 1540 he and his men explored the SE us and later discovered the missippi river de soto
by 1521 he had conqured the aztec indians of mexico cortez
visited NC following de soto's route pardo
italian navigator america was named after vespucci
in 1522 he reached asia by sailing west magellan
list three highly developed indian cultures destroyed by cortez and pizzaro inca mayan aztec
did columbus know he had discovered america before he died no
what was the spanish explorers three goals god glory gold
why were indians eager to tade for metal tools still living in stone age
what was the first permanent european settlment in the new world saint augestine
da gama was from..... portugal
vespucci was from..... italy
cabot was from...... england
verrazano was from..... france
Created by: commishfive