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Ch. 3 Vocab

Ch. 3 Geography Vocab

plains a wide area of flat or gently rolling land.
physical geography the physical features of th eearth's surface.
human geography the feautures of th earth that are created or changed by humans.
setttlement a place where people live.
tributary a stream that flows into a larger larger stream or body of water.
subregion a smaller region inside a geographical region.
escarpment a cliff or abrubt break in the land.
growing season the average number of days between the lost killing frost of spring and the first killing frost of fall.
steppe a vast, treeless plain.
aquifer an underground layed of porous rock, gravel, or sand containing water that may rach the surface through springs or wells.
metropolitian area a city and all the areas around it that depend on the central city.
suburb a smaller city outside of a larger community.
industry the activity of making and preparing goods for sale.
per capita income the average income per person per year ina given area.
heritage beliefs or customs that peole get from their ancestors.
Rio Grande the longest river in Texas.
Roy Bedichek a UIL drector, secretary of the young mens buisness league.
Coastal Plains Region includes about 1/3 of Texas. Extends east and south from the Balcones Esarpment, the Gulf of Mexico. SUbregions- Blackland Prarie, Piney Woods, Post Oak Belt, Gulf Coastal Plains, South Texas Palin. Major Cities- Dallas, Temple, Austin, San Antonio.
North Central Plains Region a series of land belts extending north and south through the north-central part of the state. Subregions- Rolling Plains, Cross TImbers, Grand Prarie. Wichta Fallss, Ft. Worth, Abilene
Great Plains Region has three subregions. Two are plateuas. High Plains, Edwards Plateau, Llano Basin. Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa
Mountains and Basins Region a part of Texas that is made up of tall mountains aeperated by large basins, or closed valleys. No subregions. El Paso
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