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Geography Vocab

Ch. 1 Geography Vocab

geography study of the earths surface and the things on it
trend a general movement toward change over the course of time.
climate the expected weather conditions for a place, uasually over a period of time.
census periodic check of the population. occuring every ten years.
drought a long period of time with dry weather conditions and no rain.
precipitation a type of moisture that falls from the sky in snow, sleet, hail, or rain.
resivior an artificial lake where water is collected for use.
landform a feature of the earth's surface, such as a hill, valley, river, or plain.
relative location a locationfound by something near it.
absolute location the exact position of a place on the earth.
physical enviroment the external surrondings and conditions in which something exists.
migrate to move from one place to another.
region a geographical area characterized by landforms and where they are located.
physical geography the shapes and sizes of landforms and where they are located.
human geography where humans are located and sizes of where they are.
place a location
human-enviroment relationship how humans adapt to the enviroment in which they live in.
movement a way something changes.
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