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Test One

Mrs. Benjamin's History

Miles Standish Plymouth
John Winthrop Massachusetts Bay colony
Samuel Champlain Quebec
Separatists Plymouth
Puritans Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Smith Jamestown
Christopher Newport Jamestown
Squanto Plymouth
Oldest permanent settlement St. Augustine
Massasoit Plymouth
Thanksgiving Plymouth
Sir Walter Raleigh Roanoke colony
Susan B Constant, Discovery and Godspeed Jamestown
Virginia Virginia London company
Massachusetts Separatists and Puritans
Delaware Peter Minuit
Georgia James Oglethorpe
Maryland Lord Baltimore (Baltimore is a city in Maryland)
(R)hode Island (R)oger Williams
PENNsylvania William PENN
CoNNecticut Thomas hOOker
Peter Minuit was from what country? HOLLAND
Who was the governor of New Netherland? Peter Stuyvessant NOT Duke of York!!!!
What was the Mayflower Compact? The first set of laws to live by in the colony. (Remember, the colonists came over on the Mayflower and they needed laws to live by)
Who served as governor of the Plymouth colony for over 30 years? William Bradford
What was the most destructive Colonial War? Remember...destructive means killing.... King Phillip. (Phil/Kill)
Who was King Phillip? Massasoit's son
What British leader changed the direction of the F&I War? William Pitt (He got them out of a pitt)
Who gave the sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God? Jonathan EDWARDS
War of League of Ausgsburg (BURG) King William's War
War of Spanish Succession Queen Anne's War (Succ -- Ann)
War of Austrian Succession King George's War
Seven Years War F & I War
Who was the evangelist of the "G"reat Awakening? "G"eorge Whitefield
Salem Witch Trials? Year 1692
Cortez conquered Aztecs 1521 (2 kind of looks like a Z)
Spanish Armada defeated 1547
Jamestown 1607
Plymouth 1620
Mass. Bay Colony 1630
F & I War 1754-63
Father of Modern Astronomy Copernicus
F of M Philosophy Descartes (Disgusting)
F of Scientific Method Francis Bacon (Bacon is made in a factory...scientific)
F of experimentation Galileo
"I think, therefore I am" (Philosophy) Disgusting Descartes
Planetary Motion Kepler
Law of gravity Newton
Rate of speed Galilieo (had to do experiments to figure out--also father of experimentation)
Balboa Pacific O'a (Ocean)
Who conquered the aZtecs? CorteZ
Who conquered the INKas (Incas) Pizarro (Bizarro/INK)
What two COUNTRIES led the way in early exploration? Spain and Europe
Who was the last HRE'er Charles the V
What was the name of the dynasty that ruled the "H"RE and Spain? "H"absburg Dynasty
What dynasty rules "R"ussia? "R"omanovs
Which two countries was James the king? (What kind of name is James?) Scotland and England
What caused SPAIN to no longer be a superpower? SPANISH Armada
Who was the great reformer from Geneva, Switzerland? John CALVIN
Created by: elizabethzoology