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History 7 Chap 3

BJU 7th grade history

Who was the leader of the Reformed Protestants in Scotland? John Knox
He was best known for writing Messiah. George Frederick Handel
He was the most important leader of the Reformed Church. John Calvin
At the conference to reunite Catholicism and Protestantism, who represented the Reformers (protestants)? Philip Melanchthon
At the conference to reunite Catholicism and Protestantism, who represented the pope (Catholics)? Gasper Contarini
Who was the English king who first broke with the pope for political reasons? Henry VIII
Who discovered the circulation of blood? William Harvey
Who was the brother of Elizabeth I who helped to strengthen the Protestant cause in England? Edward VI
Who wrote the Ninety-five Theses? Martin Luther
Who used a telescope to observe and study the stars? Galileo Galilei
Did the Reformation bring peace to Europe? No
What is the high contrast of light and dark in a painting called? Chiaroscuro
Did Martin Luther believe that he could follow Roman Catholic practices that were not forbidden by Scripture? yes
Did John Wycliffe and John Huss both live before Martin Luther's time? yes
Copernicus used what to prove that the earth revolves around the sun? mathematics
Who were the Huguenots? Reformed Protestants in France
What does Baroque music reflect? Reformation thought and spirit of devotion to God
What language did Martin Luther translate the Bible into? German
Roman church leaders demanded that Martin Luther "take back what he said". What is this called? recant
The Council of Trent met to discuss reforms (changes) in what religion? Roman Catholic
Why were indulgences bought? as replacements for penance
The Church of England is also known as what? Anglican Church
Name the two most well known composers of baroque music. Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederick Handel
Reformers based their beliefs on what? Scripture
The 130-year warfare between Roman Catholics and Protestants was called what? The Wars of Religion
According to Martin Luther, what was the 2nd greatest blessing for a Christian man? a good wife
According to Martin Luther, what was the greatest blessing for a Christian man? Word of God
How did Protestants get their name? They protested an attempt by Roman Catholic princes to stop the Reformation
Who had his most memorable fights with Mary Queen of Scots (a Catholic queen)? John Knox
Name the 3 key doctrines of Reformers? Authority of Scripture, Justification by faith, and Priesthood of Believer
What was the name of the former nun who escaped her convent and later married Martin Luther? Katherine von Bora
What hymn did Martin Luther write the words to? "A Mighty Fortress is Our God"
What was the Ninety-five Theses about? indulgences
What were characteristics of mannerist art? confined space, movement, and contorted figures
What is the main religion in modern Germany? Lutheranism
What Scripture helped Martin Luther understand that a person is justified by faith rather than works? Romans 1:17 ("the just shall live by faith.")
Who was the first head of the Church of England? the king
Know the order of these events. 1) Luther posted Ninety-five Theses, 2) Luther excommunicated from Catholic Church, 3) Luther brought to trial at Diet of Worms, 4) Luther declared an outlaw
Know about scientific developments during Reformation and how they affected Europe.
What occurred during the Renaissance that made people ready for the Reformation?
Created by: amcollins
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