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Alisha History


What was Bacon's Rebellion and why was it significant? Bacon's rebellion was against Gov. barkeley. He wanted to be a large land owner and wanted to defend himself against the indians. Gov said no and he got a malicia against ind. 6/1676 gets military commicion and breaks into housed. jt burned down.
Discribe the 3 stages of childbirth in typical 18th century delivery 1. Midwife is called 2."the women" are called, stage is private and intimate close friends and family. No men allowed. 3. The Celebration, big party and men are welcome to join.
How were illness and disease dealt with midwives and doctors in the 18th century? What theory about the body informed these treatments? Midwives and doctors believed in "Pukes and Purges" to restore the bodies balance. The Theory of Humors was practiced- blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. (something in your body was drained)
Explain the Origin and significance of Columbus flat earth myth Washington Irving invented the story to make the story of C.C. expedition more exciting. He wrote that C.C pitch to travel the world was to prove that the world was round and that trade routes could be found quicker.
What was unique about Coulumbus's conception of the world? He thought the world was a lot smaller than it really was. He believed it to be only 16,000 miles. Smaller world= smaller trade routes
Discribe early Jamestown. Why were the conditons the way they were? Early Jamestown in 1609 and 1610, filled with wildlife, plenty to eat, colonists have guns from England. By 1610 people are starving.The Canibal Winter. The men were lazy.poor leadership communal work plan wrong kind of people
How did tobacco shape the early Chesapeake? Tobacco saved them. by 1620 there was a tobacco boom. Indentured sevents migrated and created a larger popluation and a goal to own their own tobacco field. (property)
Why was there a gender imbalance in the early Chesapeake? After the tobacco boom, men came from england to work as indentured servants. 85% of thoes people were men. The ratio was 4:1
Why did Virginia planters not turn to slavery in the 1620s and 1630? Indentured servants remained as the prefered labor source. Indentured servants was 1/2 the cost of an african servant.(profitability) AA slaves were not widely avaible and the dutch didnt want to sail to virgina.
Who was Anthony Johnson and why is he significant? He was an indentured servant. He arrived in 1621. he earns freedom and by the 1950s he owns 250 acres of a tobacco farm.
Who were the pilgrims and how did they end up in America? Pilgrims were englishmen who traveled to America by the mayflower. they were trying to get away from england so they can practice a different religion.
Distribe the Quaker Doctrine of the Inner Light The inner light was founded by George Fox. Everyone can speak to god. God can speak to a person.
How did the lives of Urban slaves differ from from the rural lives of in the carolinas. Urban slaves are mostly women, work in house cook and do laundry. The men learn a trade like blacksmith or carpentry. different relationship close with fam and distant from AA slaves.
Explain the quaker worship service. How did it differ from a Puritan worship service? Puritans believed in pre destination. They would sit in church for hours at a time and were preached to. Puritans worshiped usually in silence for hours until someone experienced a godly experience.
Explain the Stono Rebellion and its concequences. 100 slaves stole guns and tried to start a rebellion.White Malisia takes down rebellion.
Discribe William Penns early life before his conversion to quakerism. in what ways did he fall short of his fathers expectations? William penn was intellegent. he got expelled from oxford college for speaking out against the church of england. he was a gentlemen student. His father wants him to step into his footsteps.
Give two reasons why George Whitefields great success and popularity in North America. Spread the Great Awakening, was a great speaker and had crowds of over 20,000
What were the long term concequences of the Great Awakening? People left the churches and began new forms and customs of religon.
Why was 1763 an important turning point in England'srelationship with its American Colonies? The English set up proclamation line in 1763. It runs through the Appliachian Mnts. Drew a line for brittish stating expansion is stopped. Symbolized English trust nationof size in Brit. america.Eng tried to manage Brittish Amer. Problems.
Explain how the classics, the Enlightenment, covenant theology and the work of British opposition theorists influenced American opposition to England. The Classics (homer Cicero Aristottle)Philosophy. Enlightenment human reason to center of authorty. Natural rights trunk all govt systems and natrual rights should be protected. Covenant Theolo
Covenanty Theology interwoven into ideas. The Idea America has a special role to play in the world.
The Enlightement Human Reason to center of authory. (Locke, Montesquieu, Hobbes, Roussequ) Natural Rights trunk all govt. systems, Narural rights should be protected
British Opposition Theorists (Trenchard, Gordon) Attempt 1. Sugar Act, Stamp Act,( seal all legal documents) Townshead Duties (boycott all British goods that are taxed)
What is the "politicization of the private sphere" and why was it significant? "Private Sphere" is home life unconnected with the public. "Public Sphere" is buisness and politics. It was significant to women bc of the boycotts women were allowed to dicuss government. Newspapers, womens associations.Homespun cloth
Politicization the the Private Sphere a way women could participate in politics. boycotted brittish goods and spun thieir own cloth
What new opportunites did the American Revolution create for African Americans? Free black population grows to 200,000 by 1810.Blacks were allowed to join the British Military Service, men who fought for the British were freed.
Explain how the idology of the AMerican Revolution wwsa used by groups seeking greater equality Women were seeking equal rights. They wanted to have a voice in politics and vote. African Americans wanted freedom and equality like the white people.
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