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IGC D1 Basic Scanning Hardware

Bitmapped file that reduces the file size of an image. Used primarily for photographs .JPEG or .JPG File
The star pattern is formed when two screen angles are in alignment Moire
A digitizing device that captures line art and photographs from a flat glass type machine Flatbed Scanner
A digitizing device that captures 35mm slides into high quality images. Slide Scanner
A digitizing device that captures flexible photographs or transparencies. Images captured by wrapping the art around a clear glass cylinder and rotating the image at high speeds that is viewed by a laser to capture the image. Drum Scanner
(Encapsulated PostScript) - Used generally for a vector format. .EPS File
Compression software the selects (Details) of the data. Lossy
Raster (bitmapped) file format that saves all of the metadata of a file. It is the best format for Windows or MAC platforms. .TIFF File
Compression software that selects (ALL) of the data. Lossless
The density of dots or pixels on a page or monitor usually measured in dots per inch (DPI) Resolution
Pixels Per Inch that is a measurement of input resolution. Used when you scan art or photograph. PPI
Dots Per Inch that is a measurement of resolution at which an out device uses. Example - Used when you output to an Imagesetter or Printer DPI
Lines Per Inch that is a measurement of screen resolution. Used when you are printing on a press. LPI
Portable Document File - Compression software that emeds all the necessary information to view a document or entire publication. PDF
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