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Web Design Final Rev

Final exam review for web design HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver

CSS selector that changes underline or overline text-decoration
CSS selector that is used with 1px solid blue border
CSS selector to change the color of the background background-color
CSS selector to change the size of words font-size
CSS selector to change words to italic font-style
CSS selector to change words to bold font-weight
CSS selector used to change the actual font face font-family
CSS selector used to change line spacing line-height
CSS selector used to change the background to a picture background-image
CSS used to just change the size of a border border-width
Default horizontal alignment for paragraphs left
Creates a line break or "enter" br /
Creates a numbered list ol
Creates a bulleted list ul
Number of header elements in HTML 6
Largest header element h1
Smallest header element h6
Closing tags in the reverse order you opened them is called nesting
This specific creates a bullet (or number, depending on the list type) li
A hyperlink that starts with and links to a specific place on the internet is called absolute
A hyperlink that links straight to a file in the site folder, like page1.html is called relative
HTML code to insert a picture starts with this img
This is added to an image tag for accessibility and describes the image alt
Two tags can bold text; b (which is deprecated) and strong
Two tags can italize text; i (which is deprecated) and em
HTML tag that creates a horizontal line across the page hr /
HTML tag that indents from left and right and is a block element used in place of a paragraph blockquote
#000000 is the hex code for black
#ffffff is the hex code for white
Formatting tags like em, strong, or other tags that cannot stand alone are called inline
Tags that can stand alone, like paragraphs or lists are called block
The information the title tag displays where in the browser? tab
The two most widely accepted image formats for the web are GIF and JPG
This web image format supports transparency and animation GIF
What symbol must all hexadecimal codes appear with? #
In CSS a div starts with a pound sign
In CSS a class starts with a period
If John has a font tri-list of Arial, Tahoma, sans-serif and he does not have Arial on his computer, what font will display? Tahoma
What generic font category does Times New Roman fall in? serif
Level one headings always appear, by default, with this formatting bold
The default color, if not changed in CSS, for a webpage font is black
Unclicked links, by default, are this color blue
Clicked (visited) hyperlinks, by default, are this color purple
A small icon located up in the address bar in the browser that appears on some webpage is called a favicon
The default file format for Fireworks that maintains layers and transparency is PNG
An animated GIF is an image with more than one state
A photograph or image with multiple clickable link areas (added in Dreamweaver) is called a/an imagemap
If you do not want buttons that are hyperlinked to have an ugly blue or purple border, set the border to zero
This type of image format, which can have up to 16 million colors, is best used for photographs on webpages JPG
The default unordered list type is disc
The three common unordered list types are disc, circle, and square
To set up a page layout, it is best to use these divs
The three main types of HTML lists are ordered, unordered, and definition
Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome are called browsers
Using the wildcard, the * in your CSS, and setting margins and padding to zero, is called the universal reset
To center a div, it must have a width set and you must set this to auto: margin
In HTML, the M stands for markup
The Adobe program that is used to code webpages in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) fashion is called Dreamweaver
If you want a hyperlink to open in a new window, you must set the target to _blank
A closing tags looks different from an opening tag because inside the the tag, the first character is /
A button that changes to another button when you point your mouse at is is called a rollover
A line in CSS that begins with //* and ends with *// is called a comment
Webpages created in Notepad need to be saved with this typed at the end of the filename .html
Organizing a webpage with the most important elements first describes the principle of visual: heirarchy
Prototyping, testing, analyzing, fixing, and testing again is the principle of _____ design iterative
Principle that the more choices you present your users with, the longer it will take them to reach a decision. Hick's Law
Generally, if not at the top of the page, the main navigation should be at this side: left
This graphical control element is a navigational aide to help users keep track of their locations within the website structure. breadcrumbs
Having a highly intuitive website structure increases the: usability
Human eyes scan a page in this pattern: F
The most ideal font size in pixels for web design is: 16
TETO stands for test early, test: often
This type of design means a website can automatically alter it's layout according to the user's computer/device screen or browser size. responsive
HTML codes are contained in these: angle brackets
This is a required preamble on a webpage that tells browsers and validators what version of HTML the webpage is written in: DOCTYPE
This section of a web page contains all the content that is inside the webpage and visible on the browser viewport: body
If you download a large image to use on a webpage, you should do this to the image outside of your HTML editor to make it the proper size: resize
All html files, CSS page, images and any assets for the webpage should be saved in the webpage: root
The most current Microsoft browser, included with Windows 10, is: Edge
Browsers do this to HTML code: interpret
The first internet browser: Mosaic
The year Google Chrome began: 2008
Web editors that display the design as you work on a webpage, as opposed to just codes, are considered this type of editor: WYSIWYG
HR, IMG, and BR are considered this type of tag, which does not have a closing pair. empty
This attribute refers to the color of text on a webpage color
In a tag, the part that includes an equal sign is the: attribute
This tag requires a title attribute to have any function. abbr
This tag is used to highlight parts of your text. mark
When using multiple styles inline, separate each declaration with: semi-colon
Hexadecimal color codes begin with a: number sign
The first two numbers of a hexadecimal code refer to this color: red
The middle two characters of a hexadecimal code refer to this color: green
HSL, RGB, and Hex are all ____ models for web design. color
The three common semantic HTML5 tags are header, footer, and: section
If the paragraph after an unordered list is erroneously indented, what tag is missing? /ul
To create a hyperlink, use this tag: a
This attribute is used to open a hyperlink in a new window or tab: target
To create a hyperlink that jumps down the page, first name the targets with this attribute: ID
To jump down the page, the attribute value for the HREF should begin with a: #
This tag represents a single cell in a HTML table: td
This tag represents a cell in a table that is also centered and bold: th
This attribute would be used to "merge" a row of cells in a table: colspan
To link to an external style sheet, put this tag in the head: link
When linking to an external style sheet, set the rel attribute to: stylesheet
When styling a horizontal rule, it is suggested to provide a color, background-color, border-color and this to make it work in all browsers: height
Hollow round bullets are called this (value): circle
This style attribute would create a list with capital roman numerals: upper-roman
To style a list to NOT be on separate lines, like for a navigation bar, change the display value to: inline
This tag creates a numbered list: ol
When styling a background or list to have images, you must remember to put this before the open parenthesis with no space in between: url
This property is used to style bullets to have an image: list-style-image
To style a frame to use around an element, include what three values for the border--- size, color, and: style
The most common value for border-style is: solid
This pseudo-class is used to create an alternative format when hyperlinks are pointed at: a:hover
When creating styles, the actual element you are styling (such as a p or h3) is called the: selector
This type of stylesheet is inside the tags and overrides any other styles: inline
When used in the head section, an embedded style sheet of CSS rules must be surrounded by this tag: style
CSS selector used to change text to small-caps: font-variant
When setting a float, which alignment can NOT be used: center
To style the image background to not move as you scroll the page down, set this property to fixed: background-attachment
To modify every other row of a table using a pseudo-class, you would include this after TR, followed by a set of parenthesis nth-child
If both an HTML table and it's rows/cells have a border, style the table border-collapse property to this to remove the double borders: collapse
To prepare images for use on a website, resize to the appropriate size in this measurement: pixels
The number of pixels in a linear inch is referred to as the image: resolution
This image format is a vector format for high-quality, scalable graphics generated by code: SVG
To create a responsive image that scales down as the browser scales down, set this to 100%: width
To center an image, you must style the image: container
If using an image floating to the side of a paragraph, this should be done to the HR after the paragraph so that the image does not interfere: clear
To combine multiple images, side by side, with a caption below them, insert them in this tag: figure
This would be an application of which design principle--" reduce the distance from one point to the next and make the target object large enough to enable prompt detection and selection of interactive elements" Fitt's Law
Created by: skindawg
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