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Name Description Category Updated User Cards Stars
IGC-E1a Color Theory IGC-E1a Color Theory (Unit 1) What Is Color? Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 8 0 edit
IGC-A14 Print Assn IGC-A14 Identify major printing industry associations Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 12 0 edit
IGC-E1b Color Theory IGC-E1b Color Theory (Unit 2) The Color Wheel Graphic Arts 2012-03-10 johnaugustine 7 0 edit
IGC-E1c Color Theory IGC-E1c Color Theory (Unit 3) Color Printing Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 10 0 edit
IGC-H3 Paper Cutter IGC-H3 Explain operational and safety features of paper cutter Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 9 0 edit
IGC-H8 Wire BInding IGC - H8 Identify stapling & stitching equipment, materials, & supplies Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 15 0 edit
IGC-H11 Folding IGC - H11 Identify basic folds for printed products Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 10 0 edit
IGC-B1 Fire Safety IGC-B1 Proper use of fire safety equipment in the facility Graphic Arts 2009-05-22 johnaugustine 13 0 edit
IGC A-11 IGC A-11 ID and describe major printing equipment Graphic Arts 2013-08-21 johnaugustine 23 0 edit
IGC-G2 IGC G-2 Identify Basic Press Systems- Paper Path - (Conventional) Graphic Arts 2009-10-10 johnaugustine 1 0 edit
IGC-A4 IGC A4 ID Printing Process Graphic Arts 2009-11-10 johnaugustine 30 0 edit
IGC-A8 IGC A-8 Technical Production Workflow Graphic Arts 2009-11-22 johnaugustine 26 0 edit
IGC-H2 IGC-H2 and OPO7/8 Paper Terms and Definitions Graphic Arts 2011-06-27 johnaugustine 24 0 edit
Adv&Design B-1 Adv&Design B-1 Type Characteristics Graphic Arts 2010-05-04 johnaugustine 7 0 edit
Adv&Design B-2 Adv&Design B-2 Capitals and Ligatures Graphic Arts 2010-05-04 johnaugustine 4 0 edit
IGC D1 IGC D1 Basic Scanning Hardware Graphic Arts 2010-10-12 johnaugustine 14 0 edit
IGC D3 IGC D3 Identifying differences (Line art & Continuous Tone) Graphic Arts 2010-10-12 johnaugustine 4 0 edit
IGC H5 IGC H5&J18 Basic Paper Cuts/OPO44 Estimate Ink & Paper Graphic Arts 2011-07-10 johnaugustine 10 0 edit
IGC-E1d Color Theory IGC-E1d Color Theory (Unit 4) Measuring Color & Light Graphic Arts 2012-03-11 johnaugustine 7 0 edit
IGC-E1e Color Theory IGC-E1e Color Theory (Unit Flash Cards) Graphic Arts 2012-03-11 johnaugustine 11 0 edit
IGC-C7 IGC-C7 Identify various file formats and extensions Graphic Arts 2012-03-13 johnaugustine 21 0 edit
IGC-C1 IGC-C1 ID Professional Prepress Software Graphic Arts 2014-05-22 johnaugustine 8 1 edit
IGC-B10 Signs&Color IGC-B10&B11 ID Safety Warning Signs & Safety Colors Graphic Arts 2012-11-18 johnaugustine 5 0 edit

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