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Int. sudies #1


Politics - Weber Striving to share power or influence the distribution among states or groups within the state.
Politics - Lasswell Distribution, who gets what, when, & how
Politics - Spiegel The ability of one actor to get another to do what the other otherwise would not have done
State (according to Weber) A human community that successfully claims the monopoly of legitimate use of force in a given territory.
Power A getting B to do what A wants.
Nation Imagined communities, self conscious, composed of people who share ethnicity, language, or culture but may not possess a state.
Anarchy No final authority that can make binding decisions.
Hegemon Dominant power that sets rules in a system and provides goods to public such as order and security within the system.
Preventative War Trying to prevent something from happening using relative power.
Zero-sum gain Any gain of one actor is at the loss of another.
State of General Anarchy “Each individual, every family, or social group had to look to their own security.”
Reason of state Calculation of the head of power and expedient behavior.
Antihegemonialism desire to prevent one power form being dominant.
Sovereignty The notion the state in person of monarch is supreme within its territory, independent of higher authority, and the legal equal of other states (Bodin)
Great Power One that is economically and militarily more strong and powerful in relation to others.
Power Projection Capability The ability of a state to exert influence on other states.
Multipolar system Three or more great powers, no dominant states
Revanchism “Desire to avenge defeat and lost territory.”
Immediate Cause An event localized in time whose occurrence at a certain time brings about the effect of that time. (ignites underlying causes.)
Underlying Cause A standing condition in which is present over a long period of time prior to the occurrence of the explinandum (what you’re trying to explain.)
Barbarious War (Total war) The whole of each states human and material resources are devoted to the conflict and belief that states survival is threatened by defeat.
Armistice An agreement to stop fighting
Appeasement Trying to buy off an aggressor
Bandwagonning Refers to the act of weaker states joining a stronger power or coalition within balance of power politics.
Buck passing a strategy in power politics when the actions of one country/nation are blamed on another, providing an opportunity for war.
Liberalization The reduction of government involvement, interference, or oversight; in economic terms, the reduction of government rules and regulations with regards to the private sector.
Created by: mollyharrell
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