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FMS 8th Ch 10

U.S. History

The period of expanding democracy Jacksonian Democracy
Supported slavery and states' rights,instrumental in the South Carolina nullification crisis. John C Calhoun
Informal group of advisers who sometimes met in the White House kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet
Tariff of 1828, which placed a tax on goods imported from Great Britain. South Carolina declared the tariffs of 1828 and 1832 null and void causing the Nullification Crisis. Tariff of Abomination
States that since the states had formed the national govenment, state power shold be greater than federal power States' Rights Doctrine
In response to its disagreement with the tariff bill of 1832, the South Carolina legislature actually voted to nullify the law within its borders Nullification Crisis
He argued that the U.S. was one nation, He believed that the welfare fo the nation should override that of the individual states. Daniel Webster
Established the principle of implied powers through a broad interpretation of the U.S.Constitution,giving Congress an expanded role in governing the nation.The decision also reinforced the supremacy of federal law over state law when the 2 conflict. McCulloch vs. Maryland
Authorized te removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to lands in the West. Indian Removal Act of 1830
Supreme Court Ruled the state of Georgia had no right to force the Cherokee from their native lands. President Jackson did not enforce the ruling. Worchester vs. Georgia
Congress supported the president and passed a this bill in early 1833 which authorized Jackson to use soldiers to enforce the tariff measures. Force Bill
Created by: Stoll FMS