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SS Vocab chpt 3

Delta A triangular-shaped area at the mouth of a river.
Papyrus A plant whose stems are used to make a kind of paper.
Cataract A waterfall.
Nile River The longest river in the world, it flows from East Africa to Egypt.
Upper Egypt The Region south of the Nile River
Lower Egypt The region of Egypt that surrounds the Nile Delta.
Pharaoh In ancient Egypt, a god-king.
Hieroglyphics A form of writing based on pictures.
Pyramid A huge stone tomb of ancient Egyptian royalty with a square base and triangular walls that slope to meet in a point at the top
Mummy the body of a person or animal that has been embalmed and wrapped in cloth, especially as was the custom in ancient Egypt
Economy the way people use and manage resources
Menes Egyptian King that unified upper and lower egypt
Khufu Pharaoh Ruled Egypt. Built the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Hatshepsut Queen of Ancient Egypt who proclaimed herself Pharaoh and ruled during the new kingdom
Rosetta Stone a stone tablet found in 1799 near Rashid in Egypt that contained the same text repeated in Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian demotic script, and Greek. It supplied the key to deciphering hieroglyphics.
Independent somebody who believes that each Christian church or congregation should be free of external ecclesiastical control
Kush A Nubian Kingdom that became independant or free.
Thutmose III A new kingdom Pharoah
Piankhi Son of King Kashta who conquered the rest of Egypt that his father did not.
Giza Largest Pyramid.
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