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Test Review1

5 Themes of Geography and Investigating the Past

location tells where you are in the world
absolute location a specific location using latitude and longitude
relative location a general direction to show location ex: north of the expressway
movement how people, products and ideas move around the world
latitude measures north and south of the equator
longitude measures east and west of the prime meridian
physical (nature-made) feature an aspect of the land such as mountains plateus and rivers. Used for place
place describes what an area looks like Using human and natural characteristics
human-environment interaction how people interact with the world. Can be positive interactions and negative interactions
region what makes an area different than its surrounding areas.
near the park an example of relative location
primary source an item or material that was created during the time of study
secondary source information that has been gathered from primary sources
What do the 5 themes of geography help us do? The 5 themes divide up the world so that we can better understand it
we go to school at 250 Old East Neck Road an example of absolute location
having a barbecue in July an example of human environment interaction
sending a letter to a cousin example of movement of ideas
a website about the American revolution an example of a secondary source
The Declaration of Independence is an example of? a primary source
What is oral tradition? History being passed on my word of mouth
What is the problem with prehistory There are no written records
What is the job of an archeologist Digs up the past with artifacts
What did Otzi die from? An arrowhead wound to the back
What is the job of an anthropologist To discover the cultures and traditions of societies. Explain how artifacts were used
Why is Otzi so important Because of how well his body was preserved in the ice
How else can B.C. be written? B.C.E
How else can C.E. be written? A.D.
Created by: cpapachristou