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Servidio SS Chap 2/3

Servidio Review for Chapter 2 and 3 MC/CR Test

Exploration To discover new lands
Conquistador A person who wants to conquer land for their own profit
Exploit To take advantage of
Inferior The feeling of being below someone in rank in society
Caravel A fast ship used during exploration
Astrolabe A device used to determine the latitude at sea
Compass A device used to show north at sea
Columbian Exchange The trading of goods and ideas between the New and Old Worlds
Missionaries People who convert others to Christianity
Slavery The taking of a person and forcing them to work for their own profit
Kinship network A close family relationship in the African communities
Middle Passage The passage of slave ships from Africa to the New World so Africans could be sold as slaves
Colony A group of people who settle in a distant land and are ruled by their native government
Hernando Cortes Spanish conquistador who destroyed the Aztec empire by befriending Montezuma
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Inca by a surprise attack
Laws of the Indies A code of laws created by Spain to state how the colonies would be ruled
Pueblos Towns or centers of trade and farming in the Spanish colonies
Presidios Forts where soldiers lived in the Spanish colonies
Missions Religious settles
Encomiendas The right of the Spanish to demand labor and taxes from the Native Americans
Plantations Large estates of land farmed by many workers, especially slaves
Bartolome de Las Casas Saved Native Americans from harsh conditions and introduced Africans as slaves
Samuel de Champlain Created the first French settlement in the New World
Coureurs de bois Runners of the woods or traders for the French colonies
Fur trappers French and Dutch colonies
Mining and plantation farming Spanish colonies
Dutch New Netherlands
Peter Minuit Led a group of Dutch to Manhattan to establish New Netherland
Iroquois Friends of the Dutch
Algonquians Friends of the French
Charter A legal document giving certain rights to a person of company
Roanoke The first attempt at creating a colony for England
Jamestown The first successful colony of England
John Smith The man that helped save Jamestown by stating “You must work to eat”
Reason Jamestown was established Gold
Reason Plymouth was established Religious freedom
Reason Jamestown became successful Tobacco plantations
Parliament England’s government
Representative government Voters elect people to represent them in government
House of Burgesses Representatives that meet together to make laws for the colony
Mayflower Compact A document of government that established the rules of Plymouth
Pilgrims A group of English settlers that fled for religious freedom
Causes of Exploration Gold, God, Glory, and Navigational Aides
Effects of Exploration Colonies created, Native Americans die of disease, and Africans become slaves
Economic Effects of Exploration The Columbian Exchange or trading of many different goods
What was the major reason Native Americans died? Disease
Where were the 13 colonies located? Along the eastern part of the present day United States
Which ocean is the 13 colonies located near? Atlantic Ocean
Who controlled or owned the 13 colonies? England/British
Another name for England is Britain
Name the language the 13 colonists speak? English
Created by: Suzanne Servidio