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BellaireSS8 CH2

Bellaire Social Studies American HIstory CH2

Black Death an epidemic that swept through Europe from 1348 to about 1350, the bubonic plague killed perhaps as many as 75 million people
Commercial Revolution a period of economic development that dramatically changed the way many merchants conducted business
Capital money or property that is used to earn more money
Joint-stock companies businesses in which a group of people jointly invest and share in the profits and losses
Renaissance a grand rebirth of European interest in the arts and learning of ancient Greece and Rome
Astrolabe a tool used with the magnetic compass that allowed navigator to determine their ship’s position by charting the position of the stars.
Monopoly stealing the economic control of wealth
Caravel a small ship built to be very maneuverable and fast
Reconquista the centuries-long struggle to drive the Moors from Spain
Viceroy royal governor
Convert change the religious beliefs
Line of Demarcation the boundary of Spain’s exploration and monopoly rights
Treaty of Tordesillas Spain and Portugal agreed to move the Line of Demarcation around 800 miles father west of the Azores so that Portugal got more opportunity to claim lands unexplored by other Europeans
Strait a narrow winding sea passage
Circumnavigate to sail completely around
Columbian Exchange In the process of exploration, plants, animals and diseases were transferred between the “Old World” of Europe, Africa and Asia and the “New World” of the Americas
Northwest passage a path around or through North America that would allow ships to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Why did Christopher Columbus want to sail the atlantic Ocean? He wanted to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to find a sea route to Asia
Why did Spain agree to fund his voyage? Spain wanted to compete with Portugal
How did Europeans respond to news of Columbus's first voyage? Ferinand and Isabella were excited; King John II of Portugal was unhappy with Spain's claim, and a treaty was signed
Who were the Taino and what were they like? They were native islanders who lived on San Salvador when Columbus landed there; they were handsome, generous, and peaceful farmers.
Created by: kdewey