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b600_59_LAN Switch

CCNA_LAN Switching Questions

When a switch receives a frame, does it look at the source MAC address, the destination MAC address, or both? Both. The switch looks at the source MAC first to see if an entry needs to be made into the MAC address table, then at the destination MAC to see how to handle the frame.
If the source MAC is known but the destination is not, how does the switch handle the frame? The switch floods the frame with the unknown destination out all ports except the one on which it was received.
If the destination MAC address is known, is the frame then multicasted, broadcasted, or unicasted? The frame is unicast
Under what circumstances does a switch filter a frame? A frame is filtered when the MAC table indicates that the destination MAC address for this frame is found off the same port as the source MAC address, meaning that the source and destination are on the same network segment.
A switch receives a frame to be broadcasted. Out what ports is this frame sent? The frame is sent out every port except the one on which it was received.
What is the MAC address of a broadcast? The MAC address is FFFF.FFFF.FFFF.
Describe the three modes of Cisco switch port security. Protect mode drops packets with unknown source addresses once the limit of secure MAC addresses is reached. Restrict does the same thing, and it sends a syslog message as well. Shutdown is default port LED goes out,the interface enters err-disabled state.
What is the main purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol? STP is used for loop prevention on Cisco switches.Ports along the most-desirable path are put into forwarding mode, and ports on less-desirable parts are put into blocking mode.
What type of frame or packet is used by Cisco switches to carry out the root bridge election? BPDUs – Bridge Protocol Data Units – carry the information needed to carry out the election.
True or False: The lowest BID wins the root bridge election. True.
What two values make up the Bridge ID (BID)? The BID is made up of the bridge’s priority and MAC address. The priority is the front part of the BID, while the MAC is the second part.
Three switches are vying to be the root bridge of VLAN 10. One has a priority of 4196; one has a priority of 8294; the other has the default priority. Which will become the root bridge? The switch with the lowest priority becomes the root bridge. The default priority will be the highest of the three.
What one-line command would make a switch the root bridge of VLAN 150, regardless of what priority has been set on the other switches in the vlan? Spanning-tree vlan 150 root priority
Concerning root bridge election, what assumption does a switch make when it boots up for the first time on a network? The switch assumes it is the root bridge of all VLANs until a root bridge election tells it otherwise.
What is a designated bridge?What is a designated port? A designated bridge is the bridge on a network segment with the lowest cost to the root bridge. The designated bridge’s port through which it reaches the root bridge is the designated port.
By default, how often do switches send out BPDU Hellos? BPDU Hellos are sent out every two seconds.
What is the purpose of the MaxAge value in a BPDU? The MaxAge tells the bridge how long it should wait after not hearing a Hello BPDU before attempting to change the STP topology.
What is the purpose of the ForwardDelay value in a BPDU? The ForwardDelay value indicates how long a port should stay in the listening and learning stages.
What Cisco feature allows a port to skip the listening and learning stages of Spanning Tree? Portfast allows a port to skipthe listening and learning stages.
What term refers to the ability of VLAN traffic to flow over interconnected switches in the same network? Trunking
What is the default VLAN? VLAN 1 is the default VLAN
What can a VTP Server do that a VTP Client cannot? A VTP server can create, modify, and delete VLANs. A VTP Client cannot.
How does VTP Transparent mode handle VTP messages? Switches running VTP Transparent mode will forward VTP messages, but will not actually accept them.
What VTP feature prevents the unnecessary transmission of broadcasts and multicasts across a trunk link? VTP Pruning prevents broadcasts and multicasts from going across the trunk link unless they’re necessary for VLANs on the remote switch.
What is a broadcast storm? A broadcast storm occurs when segments receive broadcasts and respond with broadcasts of their own. The number of broadcasts continues to grow, preventing transmission of unicasts and multicasts
What kind of switch port belongs to one VLAN and will carry only that VLAN’s traffic? An access port belongs to only one VLAN.
What is the default trunking mode of a Cisco 2950 switch port? The default trunking mode is dynamic desirable, meaning that the port will actively try to create a trunk with the remotely connected port.
What term refers to the logical bundling of multiple physical connections between two Cisco switches? EtherChannels combine multiple physical connections into one logical connection.
Three physical connections exist between two switches. How does STP view these connections after they are put into one EtherChannel? STP views an EtherChannel as a single port, regardless of how many physical connections actually make up the EtherChannel.
What command will display the devices directly connected to a Cisco switch? Show cdp neighbor
What two commands will put a port into Vlan 23, and ensure the port cannot become a trunk port? Switchport mode access Switchport access vlan 23
In VLAN database mode, what command will change the name of vlan 546 to “Engineering”? vlan 546 name Engineering
What is the default priority of a Cisco switch? 32768
What port-level command places a switch port into Portfast? spanning portfast
What command will display the root bridge and STP timer values of VLAN 24? Show spanning-tree vlan 24
What command will display the VLAN trunking protocol domain name, password, and whether pruning is enabled? Show vtp status
VLAN database changes are not saved when you exit with CTRL – Z. Use exitto leave vlan database mode and save changes.
How do you view the bridging table of a Cisco 2950 switch? The MAC address table, often referred to as the “bridging table”, is displayed with show mac-address-table.
When VTP is enabled on a switch, what is the default mode? Is it Server, Client, or Transparent? VTP Server is the default VTP mode.
What command gives you: VTP Version,Configuration Revision,Maximum VLANs supported locally, Number of existing VLANs,VTP Operating Mode,VTP Domain Name, VTP Pruning Mode Show vtp status
VLAN0023,Spanning tree enabled protocol ieee,Root ID Priority 32791,Address 0009.b738.9180,This bridge is the root,Hello Time 2 sec Max Age 20 sec Forward Delay 15 sec,Bridge ID Priority 32791 (priority 32768 sys-id-ext 23,Address 0009.b738.9180,Hello Tim Show spanning-tree vlan 23, hello time, aging time, forward delay are included as well
SW2# Secure Port MaxSecureAddr CurrentAddr SecurityViolation Security Action Show port-security
Concerning port security on a Cisco switch, what is the main difference between a dynamic secure address and a sticky secure address? Both are dynamically learned, but the sticky secure address is retained after a reboot. Dynamic secure addresses are lost on reboot and must be relearned.
How does ISL handle the native VLAN? ISL doesn’t recognize native VLANs.
True or False: When VLANs are configured on a Cisco switch, broadcasts between VLANs are still forwarded to ensure connectivity between VLANs. Answer: False. One benefit of VLANs is limiting broadcasts.
True or False: When a port is in Shutdown mode, and it is shut down due to a security violation, the port will be reenabled after 15 minutes. ANSWER: False. The port must be manually reenabled.
Your network has a EtherChannel made up of four physical connections. One of the four connections goes down due to a faulty cable. What impact does this have on STP? None.STP will see the EtherChannel as one single connection. STP doesn’t care how many physical connections make the port-channel up.
You are doing some routine checking on your 2950 switch and notice a port called “port-channel 1”. What kind of port is this? The “port-channel” is the logical port created when an EtherChannel is created.
You have several physical connections between two of your Cisco switches. When checking spanning tree statistics, you notice none of the physical port numbers are showing, but you do see an interface called “Po1”. What is this interface? That’s short for “port-channel”, the logical port created when an EtherChannel is created.
True or False: ISL doesn’t use native VLANs, but dot1q does True.
Name two methods of limiting broadcasts on a Cisco 2950 switch. VTP Pruning limits broadcasts across a trunk line; creating VLANs limits broadcasts between hosts on the same switch.
What is the maximum number of physical ports that can be placed into an EtherChannel? Eight physical ports can be placed into a single EtherChannel
A switch has a priority of 32768 and a MAC address of aaaa.aaaa.aaaa. What does its BID look like? The switch’s Bridge ID will be 32768:aaaa.aaaa.aaaa.
True or False: Switches forward broadcasts out all ports. False. Switches forward broadcasts out all ports except the one upon which it was received.
Switch A is participating in a root bridge election for vlan 1. That switch receives a BPDU from Switch B that contains a higher BID than the one the switch is sending out. What action will Switch A take? Switch A will continue to send BPDUs announcing itself as the root bridge. The lowest BID will become the root bridge.
Switch A is participating in a root bridge election for vlan 1. That switch receives a BPDU from Switch B that contains a lower BID than the one Switch A is sending out. What action will Switch A take? Switch A will continue to send BPDUs, but these BPDUs will now recognize Switch B as the root bridge.
True or False: Portfast is appropriate for use on a port connected to a switch or router. False. Portfast should only be used on a port connecting to an enduser device. Using portfast on a port connected to another switch or a router can lead to routing loops.
True or False: It’s acceptable to have a five-switch VTP domain where all five switches are VTP Servers. True. There doesn’t have to be a client in a VTP domain to be a valid domain.
Created by: papid69
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