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yoga test 2

upward salute (overhead stretch) positioning INHALE raise both arms, lungs full, neck long, sky drishti
upward salute (overhead stretch) benefits improves posture, strengthens thighs and opens shoulders
standing forward bend positioning EXHALE fold forward taking chest to knees, naval drishti
standing forward bend benefits calms the brain, stretches hamstrings
half standing forward bend positioning INHALE lengthen spine as you take your gaze to horizon
half standing forward bend benefits soothes the mind
plank (table) to four-point limb positioning (1 of 2) 1- HOLD breath and step back into plank; straight body, pelvis in line
plank (table) to four-point limb positioning (2 of 2) EXHALE lower, gaze straight ahead; knees down or come directly to the floor then hover or lay flat; arms hug side
plank (table) to four-point limb benefits tones abdomen, strengthens arms and wrists
upward facing dog positioning INHALE straight arms, roll onto tops of feet, knees lifted
upward facing dog benefits increases spine flexibility, strengthens arms, wrists, and abdomen
downward facing dog positioning EXHALE as hips push up, lengthen spine, press heels to floor, lift kneecaps, naval drishti, engage bandhas
downward facing dog benefits relieves stress, provides a rejuvenating stretch to the whole body
Trikonasa triangle pose
Trikonasa category, drishti, benefit standing, hand, stretches spine
intense side stretch angle pose category, drishti, benefit forward bend, nose, improves balance
intense feet spread stretch pose category, drishti, benefit forward bend, belly button, brings blood flow to bend
Vriksasana tree pose
Vriksasana category, drishti, benefit standing, straight ahead, improves concentration
Utkatasana chair pose
Utkatasana category, drishti, benefit standing, thumbs, stimulates diaphragm and heart
child's pose category, drishti, benefit restorative, nose, relieves lower back tension
Bhujangasana cobra pose
Bhujangasana category, drishti, benefit backward bend, straight ahead, opens chest and promotes flexibility in spine
bow pose category, drishti, benefit backward bend, nose, stimulates abdomen and nervous system
Dandasana staff pose
Dandasana category, drishti, benefit seated, nose, strengthens back muscles, stretches shoulders and chest, improves posture
head-to-knee pose category, drishti, benefit forward bend, toes, stretches spine, shoulders, hamstrings and groin, stimulates liver
seated spinal twist pose category, drishti, benefit seated and twisted, over the shoulder, energizes spine, massages internal organs, stimulates digestion
Navasana boat/hip balance pose
Navasana category, drishti, benefit seated, nose, strengthens abdominal and deep hip flexor muscles and balance
bridge pose category, drishti, benefit backward bend, nose, calms the brain and rejuvenates tired legs
bound angle butterfly pose category, drishti, benefit forward bend, nose, opens groin and hips and tones pelvic floor
Plow pose category, drishti, benefit inversion, belly button, reduces backache, stress and fatigue; calms the brain and helps you get to sleep
shavasana corpse pose
shavasana category, benefit restorative, provides mental peace
sukasana easy pose
sukasana category, drishti, benefit meditation, nose (eyes closed), collects and directs energy inward
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