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OKhistory Ch.5

Define frontier. the area at the edge or beyond a settled area.
Define confederacy. alliance.
Define treaty. formal agreement between two or more nations.
Define encroachments. trespass or entrusion without permission.
Define long hunter. hunters gone for long periods of time.
Define constitution. document that sets up framework of a government.
Define manifest destiny. desire to gain new land.
Define epidemic. outbreak of a contagious disease.
Define ratify. to formally approve.
Define appropriated. set aside.
Define pirogues. canoe-shaped boats.
Define protege. young person who receives experienced guidance.
Define renegades. deserters.
What did spain want? wealth, and to save the souls of the indians.
What did france want? fur trade, and indians knowledge of land.
What did great britain want? land, and trade.
Where did spain claim land? St.augustine and jamestown. Mexico and southern US.
Where did france claim land? trading posts in canada. Central US and Canada.
Where did britain claim land? Canada and US east coast.
How did the french, spanish and british use the indains? for their own benefit.
When did the french and indian war start? 1754
What did lewis and clark do? explored the louisiana purchase.
What did stephen long do? explored the rocky mountains and colorado.
What did richard sparks do? explored the red river along the boundary edge of oklahoma.
What did zebulon pike do? split off from party and explored arkansas river, returing 73 days later.
What did george sibley do? explored the great salt plains area of oklahoma?
What did john bell do? Explored the canadian river, but thought he was exploring the red river.
What did james wilkinson do? took detailed notes of plants, animals, and people in the arkansas river area.
What did thomas nuttall do? explored eastern oklahoma and was impressed.
What did thomas james do? traveled the three forks area and explored the cimarron river.
What did william becknell do? headed to santa fe in a caravan of wagons carrying merchandise.
Where did the french and indian war start? north america.
Who did great britain have a strong alliance with? the six tribes of the iroquois confederacy.
When did spain enter the war to help france? 1762
When did the french and indian war end? 1760
When was the treaty of paris signed? 1763
What did the treaty of paris do? divided the continent as a war prize. france lost canada and all territory east of mississippi river to great britain. Spain traded florida to great britain in return for cuba.
After the french and indian war, what land did france have? Haiti.
After franch and indian war, what land did spain have? Mexico, West and central US.
After the french and indian war, what land did great britain have? southern canada and eastern US.
When was the stamp act passed? 1765
What did the colonists say about the stamp act? "no taxation without representation"
What type things were taxed? tea, paper, glass, and paint coloring.
When did the revolutionary war break out? april 19, 1775
Where did the revolutionary war break out? at lexington and concord
When did colonists recieve help from the french? 1778
When did great britain surrender? october 1781
How did the revolutionary war officially end? with the signing of the treaty of paris in 1783
When did the US adopt its first constitution? 1783
What tribes attacked virginia, north carolina, south carolina, and georgia? cherokee and creek.
What did troops from virginia, north carolina, south carolina,and georgia do about the attacks? destroyed over thirty cherokee villages.
What did the treaty of hopewell in 1785 do? confirmed cherokee boundaries.
When was pickney's treaty signed? 1795
What did pickneys treaty do? americans gained free navigation of the river, and set the boundary between the US and spanish territroy at the 31st parallel.
When did napolean bonaparte seize power in france? at the end of the french revolution in 1799
What happened in the treaty of san ildefonso of 1800? spain transferred louisiana to france.
Who was sent by jefferson to france to try and purchase new orleans but failed? robert livingston.
What did napolean do in 1802? Sent 20,000 french troups to regain haiti.
What epidemic killed most french soldiers? yellow fever.
Who was sent to join livingston in 1803? james monroe.
How much was the louisiana purchase bought for? 15million
What was the senate vote for the louisiana purchase? 24-7
When was an american flag first raised over louisiana? december 20, 1812
What two territories was the louisiana purchase divided into? Territory of orleans and district of louisiana.
Who was the first governer of the district of louisiana? james wilkinson.
When did lewis and clark set out on their expedition? 1804
When did louis and clark return? september 1806
Who did zebulon pike explore with? james wilkinson
What mountain is named after sebulon pike? pikes peak
Was zebulon pike successful? no
What is the grand saline? 2-6 inches ofpure salt.
When did sibley set out to find the salt mountain? 1811
What did the adams onis treaty of 1819 do? spain sold florida, border between louisiana and texas was established, and spain gave up claim to oregon territory.
When was the adams onis treaty ratified? 1821
What was william bradford ordered to do in 1819? to expel people that were in oklahoma illegally.
What did thomas nuttall write his experiences in? journal of travels to the arkansas territory.
in the 1830s when game was scarce and trade was slowing, what were the creeks trading? dried peaches, beans, peanuts, snake root, sarsaparilla, and ginseng
When did mexico win its independence from spain? 1821
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