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Stack #46502

B3 PT Revew 1

UV Action Photochemical
UV Physioeffect Erythema;Tanning (phototaxia); Metabolic (Vit. D)
UV Indicators Acne; fungal; Herp Zoster; Skin Ulcer; slow healing wounds
UV Penetration 1-2mm Superficial
UV Dose At MED w/time then +15sec daily till 3 min then reduce distance to min of 18" MAX 3 min @ 18"
UV Types Cold Quartz (m/c) Neon and Hg; Orificial (goggles both)(no tanning effect); Wood's lamp -- UV filtered by Ni Oxide glass for flourescence "never take wood nickel"
UV Test Erythema Patch test AKA sleeve test
UV Freq/Wave High; short/near 180-270, long/far 270-390
IR Action Thermal
IR Physio Effect Vascular system greatest effect; INCR vasodilation, perspiration, circulation HR, BR, lymph flow; DECR Myospasm, BP
IR Indicator Arthritis; rheumatoid condition; stiff jts, chronic BA; contusion; Bell's, Beurgers, Raynauds; myospasm; subacute/chronic inflamm cond's MSK: synovitis, tenosynovitis, sprain, strain, bursitis
IR Penetration Superficial (vascular) 2types Long-heated bodies Short-Incandescent
IR Types Hydrocolator pack 150 to 170 F w/6 towel layers;
IR Dose 18-20min
IR Tests Erythema Ab Igne - red blotchy/mottled splotchy d/t continual exp to heat radiation
Heat Therapy bath - Indicators Arthritis, chilblains, contusions, fx's, peripheral vascular dz
Heat Therapy bath - Type Parafin - mineral oil to lower melt pt and for ease remove; Hot bath 98-105F
UV 0 degree Erythema SED no red
UV 1 degree Erythema MED
UV 2 degree Erythema 1st deg sunburn - peeling redness
UV 3 degree Erythema 2nd degree w/ blistering
UV 4 degree Erythema 3rd degree Sunburn w/ swelling Severe
UV Cosine Law optimum effect of ratiation occurs when the part to be treated is at right angles to the source AKA Angulation of the rays
UV Inverse square law Intensity of radiation from source varies inversely wth the square of the distance from the source
Shortwave Diathermy Action Thermal
Microwave Diathermy action Thermal
Diathermy Physio effects INCR temp, HR, BMR, Lymph flow, elimination, vasodilation, glandular secretions DECR BP, nerve pn, myocramps, myospasm
SW Diathermy Indicators Arthritis, sprain, Draining Bronchitis/Sinusitis(w/ butterfly electrodes)/PID
MW Diathermy Indicators MYO Hip, strain, Myalgia, Myositis
MW Diathermy Dose WEAR GOGGLES; from inside out; Distance 1" to 5" for 10-20 min
SW Diathermy Dose Direct application for 20 to 30 minutes; from outside in
US Action Mechanical - micromassage (thermal,chemical,neural)
US Physiological effects MECHANICAL- disperse fluid, INCR molecular and membrane permeability THERMAL- hyperemia, INCR leuko, alkylosis, glandular activity, DECR myospasm; Deep heating; CHEMICAL - INCR gas exchange, oxidation to speed healing; NEURAL - mild anesthesia
US Contras to include Spinal cord, plexuses, over skeletal immaturity, over bony prominence (UNLESS under water - e.g. hand, wrist, elbow, foot, ankle), Fractures
US penetration 4-8cm deepest heat modality
US Freq HIGH 0.7-1.1 MHz deep 3MHz more superficial
US Dose Intensity setting w/coupling ACUTE 0.5-1.5watts/sq cm for +/- 4min; Subacute +/- 6 min CHRONIC 1.0 to 2.0 watts/sq.cm for MAX of 10min; Under Water ACUTE 1.0-2.0 watts/sq.cm CHRONIC 1.5-2.5 watts/sq cm
US Therapeutic range 0.5 to 2.5 watts/sq.cm
US extras pseudo piezoelectric effect - electric to mechanical; phonophoresis - into skin from coupling agent
SW Diathermy addl contraind's metallic implants, epiphyseal center, moist dressings, phlebitis, varicosities, advanced osteoporosis, edema, brain
MW Diathermy add'l contra's sinusitis and otitis media
Cryotherapy Action Hypothermal
Cryotherapy Physio effects Vasoconstrict, (followed by vasodilation = Hunting-Lewis rxn), DECR edema, cap press, metab; nerve anesthesia, blood flow; INCR BP, local viscosity,
Cryotherapy Indicators Acute - P R I C E S 2 ; Sprains/strains, contusions or edema, acute "itis's"
Cryotherapy types/dose Ice pack and blue ice/1 towel layer 20 min; Ice immersion/10-15 min; Ice massage/5 min with constant movement; Fluoromethane coolant spray (spray from TP to referred pn)
Cryotherapy tests CBAN
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