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Westward expansion20

voc words

lode a mass or strip of ore sandiched between layers of rock
ore a mineral mined for the valuable substance it contains such as silver or gold
vigilante person who takes the law into their own hands
ghost town former mining town that became deserted
subsidy grant of money from the government to a person or company-action to benefit the public
transcontinental rail line rail line extending across a continent
open range land not fenced or divided into lots
long drive the herding of cattle 1,000 miles or more to meet the railroads
Homestead Act of 1862 Congress passed it to give 160 free acres of land to people who lived on it for 5 years
sodbuster a name given to the plains farmer
dry farming a way of farming dry land in which seeds are planted deep in the ground where there is some moisture
nomadic moving from place to place with no permanent home
reservation an area of public lands set aside for Native Americans
National Grange the first farmers' organization in the U.S.
cooperative store where farmers bought products from each other, an enterprise owned and operated by those who use its services
Populist Party u.S. political party formed in 1892 representing mainly farmers favoring free coinage of silver and government control of railroads
free silver the unlimited production of silver coins
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