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Axilla_Brach. plexus

Gross II - Zumpano fall 2013

Name the upper trunk brachial plexus injuries Erb Palsy, Duchenne-Erb palsy, upper radicular syndrome or "waiters tip position"
Upper trunk injuries are produced by actions that do what? Increase angle between neck and shoulder
Upper trunk injuries cause a stretch/pull/tear in what nerve roots? C5, C6 or upper trunk
How does a patient present with an upper trunk c5,c6 injury? (1) arm adducted and medially rotated (suprascapular, upper & lower subscapular, axillary n.) (2) forearm extended (musculocutaneous n.) (3) palm facing backward & upward (radial n vs median n)
What are lower trunk injuries called? Radicular pain syndrome, Klumpkes palsy or Dejerine-Klumpkes paralysis
Lower trunk injuries result when an upper limb is forcefully pulled in what direction? Upward that increases the angle btw humerus and thorax
Lower trunk injuries cause a stretch, tear or pull of what nerve roots? C8 and T1 or lower trunk
How does a patient present with an upper trunk (C8, T1) injury? (1) clawhand (sm muscles in hand innervated by ulnar and median n paralyzed) (2) abduction or radial deviation (flexor carpi ulnaris and half of flex digitoxin profundus paralyzed) (3) loss of sensation long medial arm and forearm and medial 2 fingers
What is scalene syndrome? Hyperbolic scalene ant and medius that engrams and compresses roots off the brachial plexus
How does scalene syndrome present? Same as upper trunk injury but different mode of treatment.
What is cervical rib syndrome? Compression and entrapment of C8 and T1 from cervical rib
What symptoms are found with cervical rib syndrome? Same as lower trunk...clawhand and abduction of wrist during wrist flexion
Hyperabduction syndrome causes a compression in what location? Coracopectoral tunnel...between foraging process and pec minor
Thoracic outlet syndrome causes compression to what? Lower trunk
What gets compressed/entraped in Thoracic outlet syndrome? (1) costoclavicular area (entrapment of lower trunk btw 1st rib and clavicle) (2) pectoralis minor and coracoid process "Coracopectoral tunnel" (3) scalene entrapment
Created by: mrw2013