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test#1- global

chap 5 and 6

phillip 2 was the king of portugal and had inherited spain, american colonies, and the spanish netherlands
el greco an artist during the age of spanish art and literature
rembrandt van rijn dutch artist who was famous 4 his paintings of wealthy middle class merchants
absolute monarchs were kings or queens who held all the power within their states boundries
divine right is the idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God's representitives on earth
edict of nantes was a declaration of religious tolerence between the huguenots and france
cardinal richelieu louis XII minister who increased power in the monarchy
skepticism is the idea that nothing can ever be known for certain
louis XII most powerful french ruler who weakened the power of the nobles and increased the power of the government agents
intendants government agents who collected taxes and administered justice for louis XIV
jean baptiste colbert louiS XVI misiter of financewho tried to make self-sufficient
war of the spanish succesion after the french and spanish thrones unite in 1700 people became scared of what might come out of this
treaty of utrecht ended the war of spanish succession and it said that louis grandson was supposed to remain king as long as the thrones of spain and france are not united
thirty years war a conflict over religious and territory and for power among European ruling famalies
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