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Ancient Civilization

Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus, Huang He (China)

Who from, Babylonian culture made the first written law code? What civilization is he/she from? Hammurabi made the first Law Code called the Code of Hammurabi. He is from the civilization Mesopotamia.
Where is Egypt? North East Africa
Where is Mesopotamia? Between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Asia
Where is Indus? On the Indus River in India.
Where is Huang-He? China
What kind of government is the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indus, and Huang-He civilizations? Monarchy
What is a monarchy When a King/Queen rules
Who is Amenhotep? Where is he from? He wanted to change Egypt's religion from monotheistic to polytheistic, making him the only leader.
Who is Lanizees II? Where is he from? He is a major Pharaoh from Egypt.
Who is Shi Huang Di? Where is he from. A famous emperor from China from created the Great Wall of China.
What is a citadel and what civilization uses them? Strong central forces...Indus
What civilization used a solar calender as well as a lunar calendar? Huang He.
What civilization used hieroglyphics? Egypt
What are hieroglyphics? Rock on stone
What civilization used cuneiform? Mesopotamia
What is cuneiform? clay tablet used to form letters
What civilization used Sanskrit? Indus
What is Sanskrit? pictures
What civilization used pictographs? Huang He
What forms of writing did Huang He have? pictographs --> ideograph --> calligraphy -->
What are pictographs? pictures per word
What civilization had pyramids? Egypt
What civilization had ziggurats? Mesopotamia.
What is a Ziggurat? stacks for religion
What civilization created sewers? Indus
What civilization had MANY inventions? Huang-He
Name 3 crops people might have grown wheat barley cotton rice
Name 5 animals a civilization might have pig chicken horse sheep cow goat
Name 5 jobs a civilization may have scribe farmer architect trader soldier merchant artisan preist government official
What do you call someone who studies culture? anthropologist
Who uses artifacts to tell about facts? archeology
What is the name of the earliest bones? Lucy
What are the three stone ages? Neolithic, Mesolithic, and Paleolithic
What do we call the human like creatures who came before us? Neanderthals
What are our descendants called? Cromagnins
where did the names Neanderthal and Cromagnin come from? where they were found
What changes take place in civilization due to the Neolithic Revolution? Domestication of animals, and agriculture.
What were the first two jobs in society? hunters and gatherers
Most time periods are named after what? The materials they used to make tools
We called the spread from one area to another __________? cultural diffusion
What cultures diffused? Chinese --> Mongolians (Great wall of China) Phanitions --> Everywhere(Phonics wring) Persians --> Egypt
What are the two gifts of the nile? tide and wind goes opposite directions...it floods the same time each year.
What artifact let us know about Egyptian culture? Rosetta Stone
What two civilizations divide time into dinesties? Egyptian and Chinese
The most early civilization had what for of religion? polytheistic
Which culture went with a monotheistic concept? under what leader? Egyptians...Aminotep
Which culture of Mesopotamia put together the largest empire? Pergans
What seasonal river/rain affected the Indus River Valley? Monsoons
Who are the political leaders in the Indus River Valley? Raja
Why don't we know much about the Indus River Valley? because of their underspecified language written in Sanskrit
What culture uses the cast system? Indus River valley
What is the cast system? can't move up/down in society
What society had man date of heaven? China
What culture thought they were the "Middle Kingdom"? China
What did the Chinese use to foretell the future? oracle bones
What culture came into India and set up a new social class? Indalarians
The earliest cultures had what type of economy? barber
What is the name of the earliest civilization in Mesopotamia? Sumerians
Which civilization is most west? Egypt
Created by: rachel.carron