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m-term art history

date nude woman c. 28.000-25.000 culture period aurochs, horses, rhinoceroses, chauvet cave, vallon- pontd'arc, france paleolithic
medium- nude woman sculpture medium-aurochs, horses, and rhinoceroses, chauvet cave, vallon, pontd'arc france painting
culture period- nude woman paleolithic date-stone hendge, salisbury england c. 2550-1660 bc
medium- bison sculpture type- stonehedge, salisbury, england architecture
date- Aurochs, horse, rhinoceroses; chauvet cave, vallon-pont'darc, france c. 15.000-13.000 bc date- female head c. 3200-3000 bc
culture period- female head mesopotamian-sumerian medium/type- female head sculpture
date- worshipers c. 2700 bc culture period- worshipers mesopotamian-sumerian
type/medium- worshipers sculpture date- akkadian ruler c. 2250-2200 bc
culture period- akkadian ruler c.2250-2200 bc type- akkadian ruler sculpture
date- stele of naram-sin c. 2254-2218 bc type- stele of Naram-Sin sculpture
date- Ziggurat of Ur, Ur, Iraq c. 2100 bc culture period- Ziggurat of Ur, Ur, Iraq Mesopotamian-Neo-Sumerian
type- Ziggurat of Ur, Ur, Iraq architecture date- Stele of Hammurabi c. 1780 bc
culture period- Stele of hammurabi Mersopotamian- Babylonian type- Stele of Hammurabi Sculpture
date- Ishtar Gate of Babylon c. 575 bc Culture period-Ishtar Gate of Babylon Mesopotamian- Babylonian
type- Ishtar Gate of Babylon architecture date- Palette of King Narmer c. 3000-2920 bc
culture period- Palete of King Narmar Egyptian- Early Dynastic type Patele of King Narmer Sculpture
date- stepped pyramind of Kinf Djoser c. 2630-2611 bc type- stepped pyramid of King Djoser architecture
culture period- stepped pyramid of King Djoser egyptian-old kingdom date- great pyramids, Gizeh (giza) egypt, pyramid of Menkure c. 2490-2472 bc
culture period- great pyramid of Gizeh (Giza), Egypt; Py. of Menkure egyptian-old kingdom date- great pyramids of Giza; pt of Khufu c. 2551-2528 bc
culture period- gr8 pyr. of giza- py. of khufu egytian- old kindom date py. of giza,egypt; py. of khafe c. 2520-2494 bc
culture period- gr8 py. of giza, py of khafe egyptian- old kingdom
date- Great Sphinx, Giza, Egypt c. 2550-2494 bc cultural period- Great Sphinx, Giza Egpyt Egyptian- old kingdom
date -khafre c.2520-2494 bc type- Great Sphinx, Giza Egypt sculpture
cultural period- Khafre Egyptian- Old Kingdom type- Khafre Sculpture
date- Menkaure and Khamerenebty c. 2490-2472 bc cultural period- menjure and khamerenebty egyptian- old kingdom
type: menkure and khamerenebty scultpure date- Tomb of Ramses II, Facade, abu Simbel, Egypt c. 1290-1224 bc
cultural period- Ramses II, Facade, Abu Simbel, Egypt Egyptian- New kingdom type- Ramses II, Facade, Abu Simbel, Egypt Sculpture
date- Harpist c. 2700-2500 bc cultural period- Harpist Cycladic
Type-Harpist Sculpture date-Palace of King Minos c. 1700-1400 bc
cultural period-Palace of King Minos Minoan Type- Palace of King Minos architecture, Knossos, crete
date- Toreador Fresco, Knossos, Crete c. 1450-1400 bc cultural period-Toreador Fresco, Knossos, Crete Minoan
type- Toreador Fresco, Knossos, Crete Painting date- Lion Gate; Mycenae, Greece c. 1300-1250 bc
cultural period- Lion Gate; Mycenae, Greece Mycenaean type: Lion Gate; Mycenea, Greece architecture
date- Funerary Mask c. 1600-1500 bc cultural period- Funerary Mask Mycenaean
type: Funerary Mask Architecture date- Peplos Kore c. 530 bc
cultural period- Peplos Kore Greek- Archaic date- Charioteer c. 470 bc
cultural period- Charioteer Greek- Classical- Severe Type- Charioteer Sculpture
date- Diskobolos c. 450 bc cultural period- Diskobolos Greek- High Classical
type- Diskobolos Sculpture date- D'oryphous Polykleitos 450-400 bc
cultural period- D'oryphorus Polykeitos Greek- High Classical type- D'oryphorus Sculpture
date-Parthenon; Athens Greece, Iktinos and Kallikrates c. 447-438 bc cultural period- Parthenon; Athens Greece, Iktinos and Kallikrates Greek-high Classical
type- Parthenon; Athens Greece, Iktinos and Kallikrates Architecture date- Erechtheion; Athens, Greece c. 421-405 bc
cultural period- Erechtheion; Athens, Greece Greek, high Classical type- Erechtheion; Greece, Athens Architecture
date- Temple of Nike; Athens, Greece c. 427-424 bc cultural period- Temple of Nike; Athens, Greece Greek- High Classical
type- Temple of Nike; Athens, Greece Architecture date- Nike Adjusting her Sandal c. 427-424 bc
cultural period- Nike Adjusting her Sandal Greek- High Classical type- Nike Adjusting her Sandal Sculpture
date- Battle of Issus, House of the Faun; Pompeii, Italy c. late first century Cultural period- Battle of Issus, House of the Faun; Pompeii, italy Greek- classical 4th century
type- Battle of Issus, House of the Faun, Pompeii, Italy Mosaic date- Choragic Monument of Lykrates c. 334 bc
cultural period- Choragic Lysikrates; Athens, Greece Greek- Classical 4th Century type- Choragic Monument of Lysikrates; Athens, Greece Sculpture
date- Altar of Zeus from Pergamum c. 175 bc cultural period- Alter of Zeus from Pergamum Greek- Hellenistic
type - Altar of Zeus from Pergamum Sculpture date- Dying Trumpeter c. 230-220 bc
cultural period- Dying Trupeter Greek- Hellenistic type- dYing Trumpeter Sculpture
date- Nike of Samothrace c. 190 bc cultural period- Nike of Samothrace Greek-Hellenistic
type- Nike of Samothrace Sculpture date- Venus de Milo c. 150-125 bc
artist- Venus de Milo Alexander of Antioch-on-the-Meander cultural period- Venus de Milo Greek- Hellenistic
type- Venus De Milo Sculpture date- Laocoon c. early 1st century bc.
artist- Laocoon Athanadoros, Hegasandros and Polydoros of Rhodes cultural period-Laocoon greek- hellenistic
type- Laocoon Sculpture date- Apulu c.510- 500 bc
cultural period- Apulu Etruscan type- Apulu Sculpture
date- Dionysiac Mystery Frieze; 2nd style wall, painting, Villa of the mysteries; Pompeii Italy c. 60-50 bc cultural period- Dionysiac Mystery Frieze, 2nd style of wall, painting, Villa of the mysteries; Pompeii, italy Roman- early empire
type- dionysaic mystery frieze, 2nd
type- dionysaic mystery frieze, 2nd style wall, painting, villa of the mysteries, Pompeii, Italy painting date- still life with peaches deface of 4th style painting 62-79 ad
cultural period- still life with peaches, deface 4th stly eof painting roman- early empire type- still life with peaches, deface 4th style of painting painting
date- portrait of Augustus c. 20 ad cultural period- Portrait of Augustus Roman- Early Empire
type- Portrait of Augustus Sculpture date- Panthron; Rome, italy c. 118-125 ad
artist- pantheon;Rome, italy Hadraian cultural period- Pantheon; Rome, Italy Roman- High Empire
type- Pantheon; Rome, Italy Architecture date- equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius 175 ad
cultural period- Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius Roman- High EMpire type- Equestrain Statue of Marcus Aurelius Sculpture
date- Portrait of Constantine c. 315-330 ad cultural period- Portrait of Contantine Roman- late Empire
type- Portrait of Constantine Sculpture
date-female head c. 3200-3000 bc date- bison c. 12.000 bc
culture period- bison paleolithic culture period- stonehedge, salisbury, england neolithic
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