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Servidio SS Chap1

Servidio Review for Chapter 1 MC/CR Test

Primary Source the original created at the time period studied
Primary Source Examples Artifacts, Diary Entries, Journals
Secondary Source a copy or replica of the original
Secondary Source Examples Teacher, Textbook, Dictionary, Museum Toys
Atlas a book of maps
Social anything dealing with people interacting in their culture
Social Examples Language, Customs, Dress, Activities
Political anything dealing with government
Political Examples President or Leaders, Laws, Elections, Branches of Government
Economic anything dealing with money
Economic Examples trading, importing and exporting, wants and needs, stock market, goods
Culture a way of life of a civilization
Irrigation to bring water to an area
Archeologist a person who studies artifacts
Artifacts objects from the past
Carbon 14 dating used to determine the age of an artifact
Migration the movement of people from one location to the next
Igloos an ice house of the Inuit
Kiva an underground religious chamber of the Southwest
Sachems a leader of the ruling council of the Iroquois
Glacier a sheet of ice
Tepee a triangular tent of the Great Plains
Land bridge an area of frozen sea that the nomads crossed from Asia to North America
Travois a dog sled of the Great Plains
Katchina a doll of the Southwest
Potlatch a ceremony of gift giving of the Northwest Coast
Longhouse a wooden home of the Iroquois
Which tribe worshipped the salmon? West
Which tribe had a potlatch? West
Which tribe had dentilia? West
Which tribe lived in cliffs? Southwest
Which tribe had a kiva? Southwest
Which tribe had a katchina doll? Southwest
Which tribe used a travois? Great Plains
Which tribe had sachems? Iroquois
Which tribe hunted deer, moose and wild turkeys? Iroquois
Which two tribes had the best hunter as their leaders? Great Plains and Inuit / North
Which tribe worshipped the buffalo? Great Plains
Which tribe hunted whales, seals, and walruses? Inuit / North
Which tribe joined five tribes together to become more powerful? Iroquois
Created by: Suzanne Servidio