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Pikeville WH 2 IDs

2nd world history test

Leonardo Renaissance man. mona lisa. last supper
Sforza Leader of Milan (Italy). like medici of florence. military takeover
Medici Family rich family of florence. commisioned great renaissance art
Machiavelli wrote the prince. most important political literature
Petrarch father of renaissance. big humanist
Michelangelo Sculptor/painter. sistine chapel. sculpture of david
Jan van Eyck North Renaissance painnter. arnolfini wedding
Durer north renaiisance painter. adoration of the magi. (3 wise men visit jesus)
Luther 95 theses. reformation of catholic church. used to a monk
erasmus humanist. philosophy of christ. wanted to reform (make new church)
Charles V Holy Roman Empire emperor when luther wrote 95 theses
Leo X pope during luther's time. excommunicated him
Peace of Augsburg princes get to choose catholic or protestant in germany
Zwingli protestant hates catholics. killed in war, chopped, peaces burned
Calvin predestination. french. institutes on christian religion. book about how to be protestant
Henry VIII wanted son. started anglican church. left cathlic church for divorce
Igantius of Loyola founded jesuits
Magellan first person around the world
Columbus italian, sailed for spain. found america
Cabot explored new england
De Gama india from portugal
Vespucci guy that named America
Pizzaro defeated incans, used disease
King Alfonso african king against slavery
Ibo village that provided african slaves
Khmer cambodia
urban city
Secular not religious
Mercenary hired soldier
Dowry wife pays husband
humanism man is center and measure of all things
Fresco paint into wet plaster
Christian Humanism reforming church with humanism ideas
Salvation go to heaven
Indulgence pay to get out of purgatory
Predestination god knows your destiny
Annul call off. like it didnt happen
Conquistador spanish conqueror
Colony when one country rules another
Mercantilism more money=more power
Balance of Trade import vs. export
Plantation big farm. one crop
Triangular trade slaves from africa to US. Raw materials from US to Europe. finished products from Africa to US
Middle passage african slaves from africa to US
Mianland States portugal owned vietnam, thailand (not islands)
Bureacracy red tape. ;must go processes to get something done (government)
What was the renaissance a rebirth of? art, science, culture/greece and rome
define antiquity root word antique. old and valuable. greece and rome
define secular worldly, non-religous
What was a Renaissance man? the well rounded, universal person was capable of achievements in many areas of life. leonardo da vinci
who was in control of milan? who controlled florence? Milan-Fransesco Sforza. Florence-Cosimo de Medici-payed for renaissance
who wrote the prince? what was it about? Niccolo Machiavelli. How to acquire and keep political power
Define Humanism study of grammar, rhetoric, poetry, moral philosophy and history. the individual person is the most important thing
What things make up a liberal arts education? History, moral philosophy, eloquence, letters, poetry, math, astronomy and music. Math, Speech, Science, music
What are the three books of the divine comedy? who wrote it? What was it about? Hell, purgatory, heaven. written by dante and is about the story of the soul's journey to salvation
what was christine de pizan's main idea? women are as good as men
finish the quote. the human is the center ________________ and measure of all things
give three aspects of Renaissance art. drawing humans nude, realistic bodyies and lighting, fresco
name a rich family that comissioned art medici
name the three leaders of the high tenaissance and one work by each leonardo da vinci-the last supper raphael-school of athens michelangelo-ceiling of the sistine chapel
what are two things peoploe should know about northern renaissance art? used oil paint to create fine details realistic alter peices because there were no big walls
name two northern european artists and one work by each jan van eyck-giovanni arnolfini and his bride albert durer-the adoration of the magi
how did erasmus say the church must be reformed? he wanted to spread the philosophy of christ, provide education in the works, and criticize abuses
what was the philophy of christ approach to the reformation? he meant that christianity should show people how to live good lives on a daily basis rather than a system of beliefs.
give an exapmle of the problems in the church from IN PRAISE AND FOLLY monks had to do everything a certain way
what was luthers job? a monk and a professor at the university of wittenburg
what is an indulgence? relase from all or part of the punishment for sin
what did luther do with 95 theses? he sent them to his church superiors and his local bishop
how did the catholic fchurch deal with luther? describe the edict of worms they made him an outlaw and his works were to be burned
what was the outcome of the peace of augsburg? it formally accepted the division of christianity in germany
how did luthers actions affect people that eventually came to america? he made it easier for them to break off from the church
why was zwingli so important? he was a major reformer of the Catholic church; allowed scripture reading
how did zwingli end up? he was killed by his catholic enemies in a war agianst them, chopped up and burned
where was calvin from? france
predestination god had determined who would be saved and who would be damned
why did henry VIII want a divorce? wife was not fertile, couldnt have an heir
how did his divorce weaken the catholic church? the archbishop didnt support him or his remarriage; it split into the anglican church
what was the act of supremacy? said the king was \the head of the church of england and the king
why was mary called bloody mary? why didnt she like protestants? she burned many heretics. she wanted to restore england to roman catholicism
list the 3 most important facts about the antabaptists adult baptism, anyone can preach, complete seperation of church and state
what are the 3 pillars of the caatholic reformatino? the jesuits, reform of the papacy, and the council of trent/ the council of trent was a meeting of church officails in trent
what are the three reasons for european exploration? gold-gain money glory-more popular god-spread christianity
what are three things that europenas took from arabs that helped them explore? compass and astrolobe caravel charts, cartography
what made prince henry the navigator important? where was he from? from portugal, funded exploration, first to push exploration
what was the first successful european exploring country? portugal
what was the linde of demarcation? who drew it? who did it affect? what was the treaty called? pope drew line. affects spain and portugal. treaty of tordesillas. divided sphere of influence
in the americas, where did cortes, pizarro, and the portugese take over? cortes-central mexico pizarro-incan empire portugese-brazil
what was the columbia exchange? what are some items exchanged? stuff traded form new world to old world and vise versa. slaves, horses, tobacco, guns
what were the dutch east and dutch west india companies? dutch- netherlands west-carribeans
which european countries took over the follwing A. virginia/mass., B. canad/louisiana, york? A-england B-france C-dutch-netherlands
what crop led to an influx of slaves from africa? sugar cane
most slaves were _____ from africa prisoners of war
what religion spread from northern africa to the south? islam
what island nation in the pacific becomes muslim by interacting with traders? islam
why did portugal settle the moluccas? spices
why didnt europe have as big of an impact on mainland asia as it did on the islands? countries in midland had stronger gov and military
in southeast asia, what were the two main religions on the ilands? what was the big religion on the mainland? islam and christianity buddhism
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