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Westernization & Industrialization of the United States

Samuel Slater developed the 1st American factory; brought industrailization here
Eli Whitney developed cotton gin & interchangeable parts
Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
Edwin Drake used steam engine to drill for oil
Henry Bessemer purified iron to make steel. led to a construction & railroad boom, farm machines & great job growth
Thomas Edison Great American inventor. Created light bulb, electricity; he changed the nature of the energy we used & travel
Christopher Sholes created the typewriter; created more jobs, especially for women
C. F. Dowd said the Earth has time zones (divided it up into 24 zones)
Union Pacific moved westward from Omaha
Central Pacific moved eastward from Sacramento
Chisholm Trail major cattle route from San Antonio, Texas through Oklahoma to Kansas
Joseph McCoy created the Chisholm Trail
why did the cattle boom (beef industry grow)begin? rapidly growing cities; railroads could transfer it faster, & demand for beef increased
why did the cattle boom end? over grazing, barbed wire invented (ranchers put it up & blocked off the trails), & bad weather
Long Drive 3 month period of animal transport over land (driving cattle)
main lure for settlers vast tracts of cheap fertile land
why land settlement was rapid federal land policy; completeion of transcontinental railroad lines
most important technology to the west railroads
Homestead Act government gave land away to encourage settlement in the west
Century of Dishonor exposed the governments many broken promises to Native Americans
Helen Hunt Jackson wrote a Century of Dishonor
assimilation a plan where Native Americans would give up their beliefs & way of life & become part of the white culture
Dawes Act broke up reservations & gave some of the reservation land to individual Native Americans; tried to "Americanize" the Native Americans
Ghost Dance a Native American ritual dance that was thought would help restore lands; the practice alarmed military leaders
Morrill Act gave federal land to the states to help finance agricultural colleges
Hatch Act established agricultural experiment stations to inform farmers of new developments
bonanza farms enormous single-crop spreads of 15,000 to 50,000 acres
why did bonanza farms fail? drought; went bankrupt; couldn't complete with smaller farms that could grow a variety of crops
1872 Yellowstone National Park created; started an environmental policy
1890 census bureau declared that the country no longer had a continuous frontier line-the frontier no longer existed
who built the railroads Civil War Veterans, Irish, Chinese immigrants, African-Americans, & Mexican Americans
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