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History 7 Chap 2

World Studies BJU Chapter 2

What was the Renaissance man's favorite subject? Man (himself)
Name the 7 humanities that were taught. literature, philosophy, art, history, grammar, speech
What was the goal of Renaissance education? to make the student well rounded
Who were major supporters of the arts? wealthy nobles, wealthy merchants, the church
What was the first book printed by Gutenberg? the Bible
Name 3 seas that surround Italy. Adriatic Sea, Ionian Sea, and Tyrrhenian Sea
Which mountain range runs down the center of Italy? Apennines
What knowledge most helped artists with giving the appearance of depth to their paintings? Math
Who sculpted the statue of David? Michaelangelo
Name 3 things used by Renaissance artists to make their work more life like. Study of anantomy, use of perspective, use of shading
Name 3 reasons the church needed more money during the Renaissance period. support expensive lifestyle of Vatican, to build cathedrals, to decorate cathedrals
Why did Medieval music have to be memorized? Because musical notation had not been developed
The Frenceh word Renaissance comes from a word that means what? rebirth
The native language spoken by the people of an area is called the __________________. vernacular
The __________________ was the name given to the subjects taught during the Renaissance. humanities
The _________________ is the name given to the pope's residence. Vatican
What was the name given to the people who disagreed with the Catholic Church? heretics
What were the people called who supported the arts and hired artists to work for them? patrons
What is the name of the services that the monks chanted and sang for 8 times daily? offices
Did Renaissance artists prefer relief sculptures or freestanding statues? freestanding statues
Why haven't the Alps in the north of Italy protected it from invasion? because there are mountain passages through
What is the vernacular language of Germany? German
Did the Roman Catholic Church like or dislike the revival of education and the arts? like
What happened to a person if he did not repent during the Inquistion? he was killed
Did the Roman Catholic Church ever have a papal schism that divided it for a time? yes
How did Renaissance architects feel about the Gothic style? they didn't like it
Did Leonardo DiVinci experiment with cameras? no
Did vernacular writing help divide Europe into nations? yes
Name the tribunal founded to suppress heresy. Inquistion
What was the fight over which of two men should be pope called? the Great Schism
Who was the greatest English writer of the Renaissance? William Shakespeare
Who wrote the Canterbury Tales? Geoffrey Chaucer
Who was the father of Humanism? Petrarch
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michaelangelo
Who invented a movable-type printing press? Johannes Gutenberg
What is the name of the period of renewed interest in classical Greece and Rome? Renaissance
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da Vinci
Who wrote the Divine Comedy? Dante
What 3 methods did Renaissance artists use to make their art look more life like? shading (helps to see where light is coming from & makes objects look round), perspective (helps determine distance by making objects farther away seem smaller & closer objects seem bigger), studying anatomy (could make the human body look more realistic)
How did Renaissance learning help medieval people? people started studying and exploring God's creation, especially humans
How did Renaissance learning hurt medieval people? lead to humanism in which the people were more interested in themselves than God
Created by: amcollins